Too much routine may be causing your employees to fall into a rut, resulting in low motivation, lower productivity, and even quiet quitting at its most extreme. Including a well-rounded benefits package for your employees can help lower these ruts by providing wellness programs with a variety of options for them to choose from. . 

These benefits should include more aspects of wellness than just a physical component. While physical health benefits are essential, more employees are also looking for employers to value mental health as much as their physical well-being. Peerfit can assist you in creating a benefits package that includes a variety of mental health courses and exercises programs to support your employees and your business overall. 

Physical Health Benefits

As previously mentioned, physical health is important. Many people fall into the habit of continuing the same exercise routine every day for each workout they do. Often that routine could benefit from being deconstructed to allow more flexibility and creativity for the person. For optimal health, individuals  should be active for 60 minutes a day, every day. However,  rotating fitness and mental health programs can result in even higher levels of well being and happiness. 

As University Hospitals points out in an article entitled “The Importance of Variety in Creating Your Exercise Program”, variety is important, but it is a fine balance. They recommend trying different sets of physical exercises to create the best exercise plan for you. These include straight sets, pyramid sets, supersets, compound sets, and giant sets. Each set focuses on different parts of the body or different types of exercise. 

It is important to keep in mind that we should also know the limitations of our own bodies and not risk injury by doing exercises that are more harmful to us than beneficial. Do not do exercises that may be too much for you to handle. Also, if you have a favorite form of exercise that you do regularly, such as yoga, the same advice still qualifies you to switch up the poses you do, or where you focus your practice on. 

Peerfit has an entire program dedicated to corporate wellness, much of which is focused on the world of physical health. We work with you and your employees to remain engaged and energized about the work they are doing inside and outside of the office. While some may prefer a digital fitness class, having your employees engage in face-to-face workouts can also boost team morale. Peerfit offers a variety of different types of classes from dance, to martial arts, to open gyms. 

Mental Health Benefits

Our bodies are not the only things we should focus on when thinking about routines. Perhaps during the early days of COVID lockdowns, you and your family tried to get into a habit of routine. You created a routine of when to wake up, when to clock in for work, how to keep the kids organized, what to make for meals, etc. While routine can help our brains keep track of what we need to do, keeping to a confined routine is actually not as helpful as one might think. 

As Psychology Today reported, studies have been conducted to show how humans’ need for variety in their daily activities is correlated with their happiness in life. While routine can be beneficial, and even necessary in some cases, sticking to the exact same activities can quickly become boring and mundane. The phrase “variety is the spice of life” rings true in this situation. Think of it like this: you wouldn’t enjoy eating the same thing for every meal every single day. Having a similar mindset to the activities you do is important.

We should wake up every morning with excitement that today is going to be different from the previous one. A genuine fear that many have is falling into the pattern of waking up, going to work, and coming home to immediately go to bed and start the cycle over again. This can also apply to work tasks that your employees may have. While they may have specific tasks that they need to complete each day or week, ask them or even challenge them to take on a different task that can expand their horizons while they are on the clock. 

Peerfit can help establish those varieties by including your employees into our wellness programs and creating a fun environment that pushes them to get out of their comfort zone. With classes that fit any level of expertise and many that are beginner friendly, there are no barriers for trying new programs out. Check out how Peerfit can help add variety to your business and your employees lives!

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