At Peerfit, we pride ourselves on having a corporate culture that promotes flexibility and living an active, healthy life. We practice what we preach, but we know that for a lot of companies, a wellness-based culture isn’t something that can happen overnight. That’s why we’re inviting you to join us in celebrating Global Employee Health and Fitness Month - an annual initiative that turns the month of May into a chance to build healthy habits for your employees year-round.

We’ve written about how to celebrate the occasion, but to drive home why Global Employee Health and Fitness Month is so important, we sat down with Emma Maurer, our Vice President of Enterprise Health. Emma also happens to be a veteran in the worksite wellness space, having served as Director of HealthWorks at St. Vincent’s Hospital prior to joining the Peerfit team.

As a former worksite Wellness Director and now the VP of Enterprise Health for Peerfit, Why do you think it's important for employers to embrace Global Employee Health and Fitness Month?

Most companies understand the value of having employees who are active and healthy. Because they’re making an effort to take care of themselves outside of the office, it shows when they walk in - they’re more engaged, more productive. It’s important, as an organization, to give your employees something to rally behind. Use Global Employee Health and Fitness Month to mark the beginning of your new normal, and give your team something to unite around, just like your mission statement or core values.

What do you think is the biggest hesitation or misconception when it comes to workplace wellness?

That it’s only for certain segments of the population, like millennials. Another misconception I’ve encountered is this idea that wellness programs don’t have a measurable ROI - neither of which is true. If done correctly, wellness programs run themselves. They’re infectious! If you make being healthy part of the company culture and you live it and breathe it, your employees will, too. Peerfit’s an excellent example!

What are some easy-to-implement tips for someone who wants to celebrate Global Employee Health and Fitness Month, but isn't sure how? 

Start somewhere. The smallest changes can have the biggest impact. It can be as simple as taking a walk around the building, just creating small things around the office that encourage physical activity. It doesn’t have to cost anything to be effective, and, at the end of the day, you’re changing lives. Whatever you do - start at the top. Have your managers start doing their one-on-one calls while walking, and you’ll see the results.

Like everything, the key to having a healthy corporate culture is consistency. Global Employee Health and Fitness Month is a great way to introduce wellness into your corporate calendar, but it means little if nothing extends past June 1st. We invite you to join us in celebrating Global Employee Health and Fitness Month this May, and we invite you to join us in our mission to redefine worksite wellness after it’s finished.

Interested in keeping your team active year round? Email Emma at to learn how.


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