COVID-19 forced us all inside of our homes. And if you’re anything like me, in the beginning, the thought of working out in your living room repulsed you. 

Yes, that’s a strong word and yes, it’s an accurate one. As an already remote worker of five years, leaving my apartment for workouts has always been a luxury. It’s been my “me” time where I, ironically, get to interact with other people. I feel accomplished and not to mention, I get in some killer workouts.

Throw a med ball at my living room wall? Not going to happen. 

During the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, fitness facilities across the country hopped on the opportunity to maintain classes virtually. As virtual boutique fitness classes became more and more available, I found myself feeling more and more okay with my living room gym.

As a kid, I hated tomatoes. But as I grew up, I just kinda...started eating them. And the more I ate them, the more I liked them. Now, I’m a big tomato fan. I could eat a tomato like an apple. Well, maybe not, but you know what I’m saying. 

The same goes for working out from home. Being forced into this new normal, my initial hatred and reluctance have turned to love and appreciation.

Here’s why.

I get to create my own atmosphere.

Have you ever taken a fitness class and maybe your expectations for the studio space or atmosphere were not met? Maybe you really needed some gangster rap that morning and the instructor decided to exclusively play EDM. Maybe you didn’t realize the class was barefoot only and you prefer working out in sneakers. 

Whatever it is, sometimes these things happen, even if it’s a studio we frequent. I’ve fallen in love with taking yoga classes from home and closing my blinds, lighting some candles, turning on my essential oil diffuser, and creating my own space of zen. I love that I can play my own music while following along with a HIIT workout. Taking classes from home gives you control of your environment that you wouldn’t ordinarily have, and it’s actually pretty awesome. 

I get to sleep a little more (and save time). 

Even though I’m one of those weirdos that wakes up entirely too early before having to go anywhere (umm hello coffee, journaling, morning relaxation), working out from home gives me the ability to sleep in a little longer since my commute is five seconds. It takes away any worries about traffic, parking, or running late. 

I’ve become closer to my fitness community.

The coronavirus pandemic has been one heck of a ride for the entire world. Since all fitness facilities had to shut down, showing up for their virtual classes has been a wonderful sign of support. 

Consistently attending, taking your favorite instructors’ classes (and even finding new favorites), posting fun sweaty selfies to social media, and tagging the instructor/studio can make for a closer relationship to that community. I’ve loved showing my support and forming a bond with people I didn’t see as much before. Doing this has made me more excited to flip open my laptop and turn my camera on in Zoom. It has made the virtual classes feel just as friendly and warm as in-person group classes.

Take it from someone who was a Negative Nancy during the first phase of the pandemic -- working out from home is pretty awesome, and I plan to continue doing so even post-COVID. No shoes? Sign me up.

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