If you’ve never heard of the ‘Support Local Business’ initiative, it’s the push for consumers to support their local entrepreneurs and communities by shopping and using locally owned products and services. Local, boutique fitness studios are the heart and soul of our brand at Peerfit, so we wanted to create our own initiative with a play on Support Local Business with ‘Support Local Fitness’.

You might have seen a Peerfitter or two sporting our Support Local Fitness tees or tanks, or maybe have heard us mention the phrase on social media and wondered what it’s all about. We’ll give you the lowdown.

Peerfit began in smalltown Gainesville, Florida in 2011 with just a few local, boutique fitness studios in our small but mighty then ‘Peerfit Passport’ network. We remember it like it was yesterday. These studios supported us and joined our community because of a strong belief in our mission.

At Peerfit, we won’t ever shut up about personalization and community. This is what you get with ‘Local Fitness’. Each studio is like its own family, and when you come in for class, you become the newest member of that family. Even larger franchise studios like Orangetheory Fitness or The Bar Method, each beginning as ‘local’ studios at one point, make it a point to welcome members and Peerfitters with open arms and cultivate a community-focused atmosphere.

Not only does ‘Support Local Fitness’ represent the community environment at boutique studios, but it emphasizes how local fitness can make your community unique. What would NYC be without 305 Fitness and the people that work there? Or Jacksonville without Big Fish Yoga? These studios and businesses make our cities and communities what they are, and they bring people together to enjoy fitness and organically motivate each other along the journey of wellness.

Boutique fitness exemplifies personalization in the fitness world. Instructors who know your name, receptionists that smile and say good morning when you walk in at 6 am with heavy eyes, walls overflowing with photos of members reaching class milestones, bulletin boards covered with event flyers. All of these aspects make newbies and veterans alike feel right at home in these spaces.

Peerfit will always be grateful for the heart and soul of our organization: local fitness. We are so appreciative of our very first studio partners all the way to our newest partners for giving us a chance to prove that we can redefine wellness. As we continue to grow, we will continue to cherish these relationships that make us who we are and make you and your communities special.

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