Ever forget your grocery list before heading to the store? We’ve definitely been there. You forget everything you intended on making and buying, so you end up wandering through the aisles, buying too much or not enough for the week. Oh, and you probably really needed that one thing, only to arrive home to realize that’s the one thing you forgot. You know what they say - fail to plan, plan to fail.

The same goes for your fitness routine. It’s much easier to stay on track with your goals if you plan, plan, plan. Creating a process and a habit out of weekly fitness routines is the best way to create longevity and turn it into a lifestyle.

If you’re unsure of a way to turn your current situation into a well-oiled routine, or maybe you’re just getting started, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how we plan our weekly sweat sessions.


Pick a designated planning day

The first step is to choose a day of the week where you get most of your planning done for the next week. It can be Friday, Sunday, whichever day works best for you. This way, it remains constant, you’ve finished the current week off, and you’re planning the next week before it even begins. However, getting your planning done doesn’t mean you have to actually schedule your classes. Life happens, you never know when you’ll be invited to a class you want to try.

What you can do is simply write out what type of workouts you want to do for days you don’t already have classes scheduled. Here’s an example:

M: Pilates (TBD)
T: Bootcamp at Viking Fitness - 8:30 am
W: Barre at The Bar Method - Noon
TR: Rest
F: Yoga (TBD)

It’s good to have an idea of what your week will look like when Monday comes around so you don’t ‘accidently forget’ to workout.


Write it out

Similar to the positive psychology behind writing down your to-do list, writing down your fitness schedule helps solidify that plan in your head. It feels more like meetings that you can’t miss, versus being a plan you’ve got in your head, not set in stone anywhere.

On top of writing it out, you can also go the digital route: add your schedule to your Google Calendar, or whichever other online calendars you may use. Look at your weekly workouts like a part of your already-built schedule.

If you aren’t quite sure what workouts you want to do, still block the available time off on your calendar so something doesn’t get scheduled in that place.


Get social

If you don’t post to Facebook about your workout, technically it never happened. It’s science.

But really, sharing your workout schedule on Facebook is a great way to 1) invite friends to join, 2) introduce friends to studios they may not have been to, and 3) hold yourself accountable. You may have seen some of your favorite fitness instructors posting their weekly schedules on social media to garner attendance. Think of it the same way, but the attendance you’re garnering is your own and those of your workout buddies.

Have fun with it, too. At Peerfit, we like to share our weekly sweat schedules on Facebook with fun GIFs attached. We tag each other in our posts, collaborate on who’s working out where, and end up with team workouts on a weekly basis. Tag your co-workers and friends and get everybody together for a workout ‘happy hour’!


Use the buddy system

We’ll say it time and time again: workout partners are the best accountability buddies. Pick a friend or coworker to be your sweat buddy and build your weekly routines together. Having someone that’s counting on you week after week to show up to your fitness classes, as you both had planned together, is the best motivation.

On top of having someone to keep you accountable, two heads, err bodies, are better than one. Maybe you’re not as adventurous as your partner, or vice versa - having someone else in the mix can help you branch out to new studios and add classes to your schedule that force you out of your comfort zone.

Forming habits by setting goals for yourself, like building your weekly fitness routine consistently, will help you along the path of your wellness journey. We’d love to know what your process looks like for planning your weekly routine, Peerfitters! Visit us on Instagram @peerfit and use our weekly workout Story template to schedule out your sweat seshes! 

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