What happens when an employee discovers they have Peerfit benefits?

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How did you discover your Peerfit benefit?

There was a brief description of the Peerfit benefit included in a PDF document as part of our entire benefits package. Being curious, I clicked the link and completed the enrollment process. 

After my account was activated, I simply searched my zip code and was amazed to see dozens of types of classes I could attend on any day of the week and at any time of day.


Do you think other employees are aware of the Peerfit benefit?

No, I don’t think many of my coworkers really understood what the Peerfit benefit was or how robust it is. 

Personally, I didn’t realize how easy it would be to use, how many great workout options I’d have or that my credits would get me so far. I actually get several classes a month for free and it’s awesome! 

I definitely have been trying to spread the word so we can all go workout together.


What is your favorite part of Peerfit?

I love the flexibility, the variety of classes and the ease of scheduling. 

For example, the other day I casually called over to a coworker a couple of cubicles down and said  “Hey, do you want to do a spin class with me on Thursday at 5:30?” 

We both logged into Peerfit and quickly booked the same class. It was really cool.


What surprised you the most or has made you the happiest about your Peerfit benefits?

This isn’t something I would have signed up for myself—I would have thought I couldn’t afford it or make the commitment. Peerfit has made it possible for me to experience boutique gyms. 

Also, having Peerfit as a benefit makes me feel like I’m important to my company. I appreciate the investment they are making in me.

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