We have all come across that work crew that is completely in sync. Despite being co-workers, they challenge norms by exhibiting true friendship and actually enjoy being around each other. Or even that sports team that seems like they can’t be touched. Operating on all cylinders, kicking butt and enjoying every minute of it.  

It’s incredible to see that type of synergistic buy-in and the growth capacity of their movement is exponential. These are the results of a healthy, strong culture.

Why does a healthy work culture matter?

Humans are social creatures and we naturally gravitate towards those with common ground. We find it easier to make a new friend or colleague if there are mutual areas of interest, such as a similar taste in music or a shared affinity for cookies. The options are truly endless. However, there still seems to be a gap in connection when looking at corporate workforces.

Let’s face it, the larger the group of people, the more diversity that exists. With that being said, the challenge is to create an environment where that mutual project at work isn’t the only thing discussed at the water cooler because, after all, there is more to life than work. Certain intricacies to a personality are only going to be uncovered in a state of comfort in vulnerability and trust.

At Peerfit, we may or may not get a little braggadocious about our work family. We are a completely remote team and have successfully avoided a cancerous environment of doubt, aggravation, or complacency.  We have open communication channels and trust that our teammates are going to do something groundbreaking everyday. There is consistent collaboration and an innate confidence that we are going to keep progressing and have a great time doing so.

This is where the fun begins. We have found a way to work towards a common goal of positively influencing other teams’ cultures by consistently sending a jolt into our growing Peerfit family to shake things up with energy and empowerment. It’s all about expanding the levels that co-workers can connect on which is an invaluable power to harness.  


What are the benefits of company culture focused on wellness?

At times, workplaces can be intimidating. There can be appearances to maintain, a desire to impress people, or even a nervousness when joining a new team. Regardless of whether you’re the newcomer to an existing culture or a seasoned vet, the goal should be to go beyond simply coexisting and reach towards a synergy of trust and fulfillment.

The upside is seen with increased productivity, the ability to withstand the havoc of growth and a sense of community in the office where people are happier, and in turn, more motivated to work and do good work. On a company level we see an ability to attract and retain top talent, as well as progressive ideas flowing from an inspiring environment. We begin to see the intersection of a healthy work culture translating to a healthy business by creating an environment that promotes tighter bonds and empowers individuals.


Why is ROI from company culture so hard to assess?

Regardless of the stage that the company is in, we all have the opportunity to positively influence the culture with those around us. We should adjust our focus to analyzing with a ‘Value Of Investment’ rather than strictly trying to quantify every move we make. The value is seen in the momentum, the energy and commitment from the staff.

With any group, we can uncover that there are shared beliefs and ethical values in unique ways; such as the commitment to health and wellness. Peerfiting is a unique employee benefit that promotes a subculture of wellness because your peers are along the journey with you.  Even though the outlets may vary, the culture is positively impacted by finding the right prescription of wellness. It will certainly produce a few more #joblove Instagram posts of coworkers at fitness classes together.

That water cooler talk shifts from how a few members of the sales team are having another case of the Monday’s, to how excited they are to be challenged in bootcamp class tonight. Or even connecting about how relaxed they felt at the end of that hot power flow the next day. It’s important to consider how positive having something to look forward to is. If you’re filled with excitement, ready to conquer the day because you are taking care of your personal wellness journey, it’s going to spill over into every email, spreadsheet, and interaction.

If you’re just starting to look at your culture in the mirror, here are eight simple questions about your business that can help establish a baseline. Go into this assessment knowing that these things take time and looking to progress incrementally is incredibly important. When it comes down to it, the belief that happier, healthier employees not only leads to great results for the company but to the growth of the individual, that’s where seeing the results beyond an ROI become clear.

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