These are unprecedented times for the fitness industry (and well, the world). Among the many side effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, one that revealed itself quickly was an increased demand for virtual, at-home workouts. While Peerfit has offered on-demand digital fitness via BurnAlong and FORTË for some time now, there came a desire from our users to maintain their support for and attendance to their favorite local studios. 

Our immediate response as the pandemic grew almost overnight was to reach out to our Peerfit Fitness Partners who were offering online classes and gather a list that we would regularly update for users to access. At the same time, our product team was quickly moving behind the scenes to help support this new demand.

Our team has been hard at work building an interface that gives Peerfitters the ability to live stream their favorite classes from home (or anywhere, really, in addition to the other streaming offerings through the platform).

Users can now enjoy fitness at home in three ways:

  • Peerfit Studio Streaming: Peerfitters can now access Peerfit Fitness Partner facilities offering live-streamed classes via their Peerfit dashboard by logging in, clicking ‘Streaming’, then ‘View Studios’. Users can also access this list by filtering by ‘Classes’ when exploring locations in the app by their geographic settings. This means that you can search other cities and states and see what studios in those areas are offering streaming classes and reserve through the Peerfit app. 
  • BurnAlong Membership: BurnAlong gives users the opportunity to take classes from home and invite their friends to join group sessions, too. Users activate the membership with 6 Peerfit credits/month and access hundreds of classes across 45 categories.
  • FORTË Membership: FORTË gives users access to live and on-demand group fitness classes any time, anywhere. Participating instructors film classes and users watch them from home as if they were right there in class, too. This membership is also activated using 6 Peerfit credits/month.

COVID-19 has changed the world forever, there’s no doubt about that. And with that change comes a need for companies to evolve and look forward. While we don’t have a crystal ball, like everyone, we are working every day to improve our product and mold to the needs of our customers and partners ensuring we are helping to solve problems, even if it's just by one workout session at a time. 

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