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Cardio NoDoubt. Pact Park. Super Sweat Squad. These are all video workout options available on Peerfit’s streaming partner platforms, FORTË and BurnAlong. You’re probably wondering “What in the world is Super Sweat Squad?”... Or even...“What is a FORTË?”.

FORTË and BurnAlong are online platforms that give viewers unlimited access to on-demand workout videos, offering extensive libraries filled with valuable fitness and wellness content. Variety available at your fingertips is great. You get your pick of the draw when it comes to the workout you’re feeling that day. However, it also makes finding the right workout for you like finding a needle in a haystack.

That’s why we created Peerfit Picks. Peerfit Picks is a curated list of on-demand workout videos to help you navigate FORTË and BurnAlong. We’ve done the sweaty work and cut through the noise so you don’t have to. These Peerfit-vetted workouts will guide you as you learn your way around each platform. 

Each Peerfit Pick is given a workout type, difficulty level, whether equipment is required, and is sorted by the time it takes to complete the workout. Find our thoughts about the workout in the notes section. We hope this points you in the right direction as you start your digital fitness journey.  

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Platform Class Workout Type Time Difficulty Equipment Required Notes
10 Minute Cardio by Lab 240 Cardio 11 min Easy Jump rope Quick sweat, only 10 min if you need a quick workout. Various bodyweight exercises, upper then lower body. All levels welcome!


Awesome Abs Quickie 1 by Heather Gidusko Abs 15 mins Easy Mat The instructor has a great energy and the excercises move quickly. Nice pace for a short class. You'll feel the burn afterwards!


Barre Legs & Glutes by Grace Clackson Barre 17 mins Easy Chair or Table Quick barre routine you can do at home. Add ankle weights for a challenge.
Pact Park with Layla and Jay Boxing 33 min Easy None A mix of boxing and kickboxing, this is a full body workout. Short workout that can be modified for all levels.
Circuit Pilates by Beach Workouts Pilates 45 min Easy Mat Pilates broken down into three circuits. All levels can do this one!
15 Minute Abs by Lab240 Abs 15 min Medium None Burner! Keep this on standby when you're looking for a good sweat.


Abs City by Monte Sanders Abs 15 min Medium Mat Great 15 minute ab blast!


Amazing Arms by Heather Gidusko Strength 15 min Medium Light weights Short on time but need an arm workout? This one is short and sweet yet tough.


Muffin Blast by Monte Sanders Abs 15 mins Medium None The perfect quick workout in between meetings. Standing ab class, doesn't create a big sweat, but you will feel the soreness the next day.


Tone Zone Glutes by Monte Sanders Strength 17 min Medium Mat Another quick workout good for in between meetings. A little standing work but mostly mat work. Big glute burn!


Back, Bis, and Tris by Brea Estep Strength 20 min Medium Dumbbells, Mat Quick warmup at the beginning. Great upper body workout and the instructions makes the class easy to follow.


Abs 360 by JoanieFit LLC Cardio, Abs 20 mins Medium Dumbbell, Mat Good ab/cardio mix to add after your outdoor run or walk.
Tabata to the Max by Lab240 Cardio 25 min Medium Dumbbells Short and sweaty workout! High intensity intervals featuring 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest.
Core Carver by Lab 240 Abs 28 min Medium None, Mat Low impact workout with little to no crunches. A functional abs class and the instructor takes time to stretch before and after class while giving modifications through class.


Full Body Burn by Ca-La Fitness Cardio 28 min Medium Dumbbells Fun cardio blast with a small amount of weight training. You can modify without dumbbells.
Vinyasa Flow: Yoga For The More Advanced by Studio 26 Yoga 30 min Medium Mat Great flow, stretch, and strength! Melt away the tension with this short yoga session. Great instructor, quality video, and clear instructions!
Cardio Crush by Lab240 Cardio 30 min Medium Dumbbells Fast paced class that will leave you feeling accomplished. The instructor gives creative options to replace the weights.
Burn, Tighten & Tone by Lab240 Cardio 45 min Medium Mat Great total body workout that'll get your heart rate up!
Endurance 45 by MYSTRYDE Running 50 min Difficult Treadmill Cardio intensive treadmill workout, ideal for the intermediate to advanced runner.

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