We all have our regularly sought out websites that we sit and scroll through on our tablet while sipping coffee in the morning. More often than not, the content we consume during times like these is filled to the brim with negative headlines and political gossip. Nothing kills your vibe like a good ol’ local news feed. Just like we discussed here, it’s important to audit your content diet (just like a traditional diet). What type of content are you consuming on a regular basis, and how is it affecting you?

We love staying up-to-date on wellness trends and improving our knowledge of the health and wellness world, so we’re pretty much [self-proclaimed] wellness website connoisseurs.

There’s a publication out there for every type of wellness enthusiast, and we’ve got you covered. Looking for some new reads? These are for you:

For the Spiritual Gangster


Do you wake up exhaling “om”? Is there a himalayan salt lamp illuminated next to you right now? mindbodygreen is where your browser should be directed right now. With a combination of healthy recipes, fitness advice, holistic healing, relationship talk, mental health, and more, mindbodygreen pretty much covers all of the wellness bases, and serves as a guide for anyone looking to live healthfully and be the best version of themselves.


For the City-Dwelling Wellness Guru


Well+Good, originally created around boutique fitness and health food trends in New York City, has expanded to Los Angeles, as well, with a wide-cast net around wellness news, trends, and guides. There you can find anything from boutique fitness studio recommendations, tips for a good night’s sleep, and, of course, healthy recipes.

We are big proponents of not only exercising for a healthy body, but focusing on mental health, as well. Well+Good’s “Good Advice” section features a hefty dose of mental health tips that you’ve got to see for yourself.



For the Healthy Cook


Greatist is the healthy cook’s bible. With a ginormous section dedicated to wholesome eats, you’ll find a plethora of options to fit into your healthful diet. From posts dedicated to recipes for one or DIY ramen noodles, they’ve got a wide selection of food content to inspire you to use that apron hanging on your pantry door.

On top of their unique recipe round-ups and food tips, you’ll also find content geared toward fitness, life, and beauty/skin. You may or may not end up in a never-ending black hole of interesting articles - don’t say we didn’t warn you.


For the Dedicated Health Nut

Healthy Glow Co

Healthy Glow Co is a relatively new brand created by healthy food bloggers Monique of Ambitious Kitchen and Lee of Fit Foodie Finds. This new venture focuses on finding your balance with healthy eating and exercise, with a philosophy on getting rid of guilt and being more flexible and forgiving.

Not only does their site contain valuable blog article content, but their Healthy Glow Guide is available for anyone looking for guidance on their healthy lifestyle journey. Ready for a healthy glow? Now you know where to go. (Am I a poet?)


For the Fitness Fanatic


Whether you’re wondering if you should still exercise with that cold or how you can improve your joint mobility, Livestrong is perfect for the quintessential fitness fanatic because it gets down to the nitty gritty. Chances are that you’ve used Google to find the remedy to some sport-related ailment, and Livestrong came to your rescue as the first search result. A wealth of information, Livestrong is a great resource for anyone searching for sports injury advice, how to execute proper exercise form, nutrition tips, and more.

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