With Peerfit’s commitment to redefine wellness, we are bridging the gap between fitness studios and corporate wellness, opening a tremendous opportunity for boutique fitness studios to service a market they couldn’t reach before.

We are excited to announce our latest Peerfit Studio partnership and platform feature: Jacksonville Peerfitters can now put their Peerfit credits toward Orangetheory Fitness memberships. Not only is this partnership allowing Orangetheory to connect with the world of workplace wellness, a wonderful opportunity for both parties, but it is giving Jacksonville Peerfitters the opportunity to get into the orange zone with their Peerfit accounts. Here’s how it works.


How many credits does an unlimited membership to Orangetheory cost?

An Orangetheory membership through Peerfit costs 42 credits per month.

What does an unlimited membership to Orangetheory with Peerfit get me?

An unlimited membership to Orangetheory, via Peerfit, gets you access to any Orangetheory class at the studio that you chose, at a zero credit cost.

Do I have to repurchase the membership every month?

No, as long as you book at least one class at Orangetheory through Peerfit within the calendar month, and have the necessary credits available, your membership will auto-renew. If at the time of renewal you do not have the necessary credits available to you, the remaining credit balance will be billed to the credit card on file.

Am I able to take classes at other Orangetheory locations with my membership?

No, at this time, you are only able to use your Orangetheory membership at the location that you initially selected. You may however use your Peerfit credits to reserve a drop-in class at a different Orangetheory studio.

Can I be added to a waitlist for class?

No, Peerfitters are not able to be added to the waitlist.

What is the cancellation policy? Is it different than the normal 12-hour policy?

Yes, the cancellation policy for Orangetheory reservations is different from Peerfit’s typical 12+ hour cancellation policy. Orangetheory reservations can be cancelled through Peerfit 8+ hours in advance of class time for a full credit refund. Reservations that are canceled with a class start time less than 8 hours away will NOT have Peerfit credits refunded, and will be subject to a late cancelation fee, or no-show fee billed to you by Orangetheory. Peerfit is not responsible for any late-cancellation fees, or no-show fees.

What happens if I can’t make my reservation and have to late cancel?

If you are unable to make your Orangetheory reservation, we advise you to cancel your class via your Peerfit dashboard. Reservations canceled with a class start time less than 8 hours away will NOT have Peerfit credits refunded, and are subject to a late cancelation fee billed by Orangetheory. Reservations that are not canceled, and in which the user does not attend, will be subject to a greater no-show fee billed by Orangetheory. Peerfit is not responsible for any late-cancellation fees, or no-show fees.

How do I cancel my Orangetheory membership?

You can cancel your Orangetheory membership through Peerfit at anytime. In order to cancel your Orangetheory membership, visit the Membership Settings section of your Peerfit account, and hit the cancel membership button. Any reservation created while a membership was active, will be honored. If you would like to make an alternative reservation, you will be prompted to re-purchase your membership, or use credits for a drop-in rate.

Does my Orangetheory membership auto-renew?

In order for your membership to renew automatically each month and be considered active, a reservation must have been booked at your home studio through Peerfit during the prior subscription period

Experience Orangetheory x Peerfit at Participating Jacksonville Orangetheory locations.


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