Where we started...

The hockey stick growth trajectory is what every startup promises but few are able to deliver. Looking back at 2017, Peerfit was able to do exactly that with our studio network expansion.

Peerfit’s mission is to be a community that helps people discover the best fitness classes and motivates them to attend and share with their friends and co-workers. On January 1st, 2017, this community consisted of 297 studios and gyms, mostly in Florida, in 15 cities scattered across the US. Moving in step with the growth of the enterprise health partnerships and employers opting in to offer Peerfit to their employees, this studio community needed to grow quickly.

Looking back…

It’s now one year later and the beginning of 2018. The Peerfit Studio Network has grown 700% from 297 studios and gyms to over 2,100. This growth has allowed us to grow our community to help employees and consumers take control of their wellness journey in 41 states across the US and partner with some of the best fitness experiences available.

There are many reasons Peerfit has been able to grow its network of studios and gyms so quickly, the biggest of these being that each location, whether it was a mom and pop, locally owned studio or a brand with scores of locations across the country, chose to join our coalition and help us in our goal to redefine wellness. Now Peerfit Studios have the opportunity to share their success stories as well.

Another major reason Peerfit has been able to grow its studio and gym network is the number of large partnerships that have been formed. These include the booking software MINDBODY, Youfit and their 120+ locations, Lifetime Fitness (launching in early 2018), and Town Sports International, which includes New York Sports Club, Boston Sports Club, Philadelphia Sports Club, and Washington D.C. Sports Club. Additionally, Pure Barre, Barre3, and The Bar Method have all promoted Peerfit to their franchise owners as an ideal way to get access to corporate wellness dollars.

Our Studio Consultant team not only educates studios and gyms on how we can help them access corporate wellness dollars, but they contribute their knowledge of the industry through articles that discuss how to enhance studio member experience and why discount apps aren’t the solution to more foot traffic.



Where we’re going...

Undoubtedly in one year, we’ll look back on our current number of studios and gyms in amazement because of the growth that we’ll have experienced in 2018. We’ll continue to saturate all of the existing markets we’re in, as well as add more cities to the Peerfit Studio Network so that no matter where a Peerfitter lives, they’ll have the opportunity to be active.

This will continue to occur through more of the partnerships and relationships we will continue to build as well getting more locally owned studios and gyms connected to worksite wellness dollars and members seeking to redefine their wellness journeys.

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