Here at Peerfit, the term ‘peerfitter’ has been ingrained into our everyday vocabulary. Of course, the obvious definition behind the word is simply referring to Peerfit users. Meaning, someone who bounces around town taking fitness classes with their friends and co-workers via the Peerfit platform.

But, to be a peerfitter means much, much more.

Peerfitters come in all shapes and sizes. They come from all backgrounds, all fitness levels, all walks of life. They’re a diverse bunch of group fitness freaks, but they, of course, have a few things in common besides the tribe they inhabit.

You know you’re a peerfitter when...

Your Facebook friends know what your fitness schedule is every week.

You know when you discover something awesome, like a new restaurant or a good movie, and upon experiencing it, you tell anyone and everyone that they have to experience it too? Once a peerfitter discovers the world of flexible fitness and the Peerfit platform and its community, the most popular symptom is spreading the fitness love on social media.

It has become a trend amongst peerfitters to share their fitness schedules and tag instructors, studios, workout buddies and co-workers. Community is undoubtedly one of the best things surrounding group fitness and carrying that into social media reinforces the concept and allows the community to grow even larger.


Besides, if your workout isn’t on social media, did it actually happen? Probably not.

Your laundry is 80% workout clothes.

It’s that time again… laundry time. You pull your clothes out of the dryer and begin to fold them, only to realize that your collection of laundry largely consists of fitness garb. “I’m not sure when I acquired this much dri-fit…”, you tell yourself. It’s okay, peerfitter. We’re all in this together.

If you’re like me, few things excite you more than a new workout outfit (or, as I like to call them, workoutfits). Look good, feel good, know what I mean? Sometimes I walk into bootcamp singing “Can’t Touch This” with my new lululemon leggings gracing my sore glutes. That’s normal, right?


Your water cooler conversation becomes about last night’s fitness class.

Misery loves company, right? It’s always fun to talk about the sprints your circuit instructor made you do, or the intense climb you experienced in spin class with your co-workers that took class with you. In those moments of sheer cardio agony, you look to your co-workers and workout buddies for encouragement and signs of survival. The next day, you have a fun conversation about how so-and-so broke a world record for most sweat produced in one hour.

As a peerfitter, the conversations at work become more about burpees and less about holiday party gossip. Your co-workers become your workout buddies. Your company culture revolves around wellness and a community that holds each other accountable.


You say ‘peerfitting’ instead of ‘working out’.   

Peerfitting is a way of life and the term eventually replaces the phrase ‘working out’ in your vocabulary. Instead of asking your friends where they’re working out for the week, you ask them where they’re peerfitting. Instead of saying you’re going  to work out, you say you’re heading out to “peerfit”. Sometimes, you even throw a hashtag in the mix. #peerfitter.

You know you're a peerfitter when routine, daily texts from your friends become "Where are we Peerfitting today?" - Kimmy Morgan, Tampa peerfitter


You’re suddenly the spontaneous one when it comes to new classes.

With so many options at your fingertips, you know you’re a peerfitter when you don’t think twice about trying a new class. Even if it’s your first time trying that type of class, you know you’ll be okay alongside fellow peerfitters or brave co-workers rallying behind you.

Aerial yoga? Cardio hip hop? CrossFit? Check, check, check. As a peerfitter, you’ve broken the threshold of nerves for new classes and studios, discovered your favorite places to sweat, and met some pretty great people along the way.

Whether you just started peerfitting or you’re a seasoned peerfitter, you’ve already defined what being a peerfitter means to you. We’d love to know: why do you peerfit? Connect with us on social media and join the conversation.

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