Adding a fitness program to your employees' benefits plan is already a big investment, so you probably don’t want to be suprised or dismayed by additional fees. Some fitness programs charge extra to unlock the full benefits of their programs—no matter how much money you’ve already invested.

These extra fees come in various forms. Some are obvious plan upgrades that give you more benefits as premium rates increase, some are more subtle that slowly increase as employee utilization goes up. You shouldn't be surprised by that! This article will discuss some of the fees you should watch for and how to avoid them.

Buy-Up Plans

One of the fees you will most frequently encounter is the additional cost to level up your product. These buy-up plans offer your employees more benefits as your company pays steeper rates, without any evidence of increased employee engagement. 

For example, you could purchase a fitness program that gave your employees access to 1,000 gyms and 10 online health resources. But, the program offers more perks with their second tier commitment, with access to 4,000 gyms and studios and 40 online health resources. And so on… Employees would benefit from the options, providing them with the ability to choose a gym or studio that tailors to their needs. However, the premium you would have to pay doubles with the increase in commitment. In addition, some of these costs also end up coming out of your employee’s pocket, ultimately paying double in additional fees. 

Perhaps the buy-up plans aren’t terrible as long as you can find one with good offerings for a relatively low premium fee. That may not seem like a bad deal until you realize that there are fitness programs like Peerfit which offer premium services without additional hidden fees. Ultimately you need to be able to define how you will measure the success and value of any program.   

Employee Paid Programs

Another requirement some fitness programs implement is having your employees foot part or a majority of the bill. This tends to result in very low utilization, meaning very few employees will use the fitness program at all, ultimately limiting the health benefits your company could experience as a whole. 

It also unfairly burdens employees who have more home expenses or are facing large medical bills because of certain health risks. Ironically, these employees with health struggles are the ones who could benefit the most from the fitness and wellness program, but may not be able to afford the additional fees. 

To be a well received health benefit, your fitness program should not require your employees to foot half the bill. As an example, a Peerfitter named Ashley told us: “This isn’t something I would have signed up for myself—I would have thought I couldn’t afford it or make the commitment. Peerfit has made it possible for me to experience boutique gyms.“ 

Other Limitations

Beyond those two key charges, there are other fees and limitations that you may encounter with fitness programs. 

For one, you may find programs that increase the rates for classes that employees attend regularly or during peak hours which usually fall before and after work hours. When you purchase a certain number of credits for the employees to use and the cost of a class fluctuates, the benefit will not go as far as originally intended. They may be forced to attend less, discouraging them to exercise regularly and practice other health behaviors. It’s not only important to provide a premium benefit but one that is consistent so employees can develop healthy habits without the sticker shock. 

Peerfit: A Program Without Extra Fees

All these limitations and additional costs inhibit your company's ability to implement the most effective and impactful program. Whether you have already paid for a fitness program, are just implementing a new program, or are looking for something new, Peerfit will help you stop worrying about additional premium charges.  

Peerfit provides a premium product that can deliver the best experience for your employees. Through Peerfit, your employees will have access to our entire network of gyms and studios across the country. No need to level up, no hidden or fluctuating costs.  

Your employees will also enjoy access to FitOn workouts, led by celebrity trainers like Gabrielle Union and Jonathan Van Ness. They can choose from on-demand fitness classes for people of all ages, including older adults. FitOn also supports devices for measuring real-time heart rate, including the Apple Watch and Fitbit, so your employees can work to improve their performance. 

They could also enroll in health classes, covering topics like type 2 diabetes management, hypertension management, and more! FitOn provides meal planning options as well, so your employees can get personalized meal plans to raise their fitness level. 

Not only are the fitness options extensive, but employees actually use the program. Peerfit studies show that over 30% of our client’s population are enrolled in the fitness program. 

You shouldn’t have to cover additional charges for a premium fitness product. With Peerfit, you can give employees the options they want for the healthy lifestyle they need—without hidden fees.



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