With FORTË, you can stream live and on-demand boutique fitness classes from top studios worldwide directly to you. Peerfit’s partnership with FORTË allows you to use your credits to purchase a recurring membership with FORTË and enjoy all the benefits from the comfort of your home. As the new year turns the corner, FORTË is excited to announce new features to their platform!


Two-Way Video

Two- way video allows your instructor to see you and hold you accountable. This allows for real-time feedback from your coach and you can see your friends and other participants when attending a live class. FORTË users can also use this feature to have a "sweat date" with friends by attending an on-demand class together. All you need to do is log into the same on-demand class together and then you’ll be able to use the video and chat option the same way you would in a live class!

How to use two-way video:

  • Log in at https://www.forte.fit/account/login 
  • Enter your username and password 
  • Choose a live or upcoming live class you’d like to use two-way video feature with!
  • Under "Audio + Video Controls" you will see "Video Sharing Controls" 
  • Click "On" to toggle your Video Sharing capabilities on
  • You may also adjust the volume of the Feed.FM music overlay and the Instructor voice using the sliders
  • You will see 3 view options on the top right 
    • Click on the view you'd like: a. Solely instructor b. Instructor, you, your crew c. Grid-view (all participants) 
    • Share your video by clicking the video camera icon on the bottom right of the video 
    • You may unmute* yourself after class if you’d like to interact with your instructor and class. *The default will be muted.

Leaderboard and chat feature

FORTË’s leaderboard and chat feature allows for both instructor and user interaction. You get to build sweat points to climb the leaderboard, chat with your instructor or other class participants, and allow the instructor to message or post the workout to the group chat. This is available during a live class as well as after the class. You can even high five or wave to your instructor or fellow participants. 

How do I gain sweat points to move up on the leaderboard? You earn 1 point for every minute you workout on the FORTË platform and get to view your cumulative points on the leaderboard. 

Additional Updates

FORTË now has 2,500+ on-demand classes, with 25 new live classes filmed per week. There are also 30+ boutique studios teaching on the platform and 250+ fitness coaches and trainers. FORTË is focused on building a strong platform with plenty of variety for any type of fitness. Log in to your Peerfit account to start your FORTË journey today. 

Want to see how FORTË works? Check out this video. 

Questions about your FORTË account or Peerfit? Email support@peerfit.com

Questions/feedback about FORTË (not Peerfit related)? Email concierge@forte.fit.

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