Why is community so important? That seems to be a question that just like community, doesn’t have a simple answer, or singular definition.

Your studio, your instructors, and your classes allow others to disconnect from the outside world, if even for just one hour. Clients and students find encouragement, compassion, acceptance, and freedom within your four walls. Your studio is more than just a place for fitness, it’s a haven, a second family, and sometimes an answer to a call for action, or a call for help.

We asked some of our Peerfit Premium Studios what community means to them and why it’s so important. This is what we found…

Minna and David Herskowitz, Owners, Sandbox Fitness - Los Angeles, CA

“Community is so important because it's a place where you can go and support your fellow peers. By seeing a familiar face you have the feeling of belonging to something, and the people around you make you want to come back.” 


Kelli & Terry Stanley, Owners, 9Round Kickboxing for Fitness - Winston Salem, NC

“Not only does the Peerfit and 9Round/Winston-Salem partnership bring a feeling of fellowship within our gym community, but more importantly, all of our members share common interests, attitudes, and most importantly goals.... Peerfit has definitely allowed us to bring in a member that otherwise may not have had access to our community!  We love it!” 


Hari Singh, Owner, CrossFit NYC - New York City, NY

“The magic is in the movement, the art is in the programming, the science is in the explanation, and the fun is in the community.”  - (Gregg Glassman, CrossFit Chairman and Founder)


Chris Marhefka, Founder, B3 - Gainesville, FL

“‘Community’ is a buzzword discussed a lot when it comes to gyms, CrossFit boxes, and fitness studios. It is hard to measure, cannot be forced, and takes time to cultivate, but you feel it when you are there...it’s the difference between ‘I like my gym’ and ‘these people are my family.’ Without community, a gym is just a bunch of expensive heavy things. The people are what make it great.” 


Caroline Sutton, Head Trainer, Orangetheory Fitness - Jacksonville, FL

“Community is one of our core values. Naturally, humans weren't meant to be alone, and somehow along the way, people became uncomfortable (much like with working out) with talking to and being with others for a multitude of reasons. Our job is to coach, and our duty is to engage, create, and continue to connect our community. An outcome of having community is connectedness and accountability for success.” 

Annette Scott, Owner, Kodawari Studios - Tampa, FL

"Community is the central tenant of what we are doing at Kodawari. The entire design of the studio is developed to welcome and increase community." 


Marley Vigdorth, Yoga Instructor, Kodawari Studios - Tampa, FL

"In Yoga philosophy there is a term "Kula" which in its simplest form means community or tribe. The expanded understanding is that it is a group of individuals who have made the choice to come together and create connection for a specific purpose. In a yoga studio, setting that purpose can be to connect to a universal experience of love, acceptance, compassion, any attribute that reduces feelings of isolation and suffering. We come together to hold space for ourselves and in doing so everyone else within the Kula from a place of openness and empowerment."


Lauren Buglioli - Tampa, FL

“The more people who are passionate about fitness, the better. We need more healthy and happy people in our world and that’s a big job. Work hard, be nice, and trust that your vibe attracts your tribe.”



Richard Close - Jacksonville, FL

“The Peerfit community embraced me how I was when I went the first time and encouraged me to continue. I now have the ability to do the same for the next person. We all have the ability to impact the lives of our work family, either in a positive or negative way. Peerfit gives us the ability to have a profound positive impact on someone’s life.”


Natalie Smith - Jacksonville, FL

“The studio communities I’ve become a part of through Peerfit provide me with more accountability, challenge, and overall enjoyment with my workouts.” 


Phil Parker - Winston-Salem

“The Peerfit community experience is absolutely awesome. Workouts can sometimes get boring, but Peerfit gives you the opportunity to try different workouts at different studios, and encourages people to get fit and stay motivated together.” 

Humans are social beings, we crave relationships. From the beginning of time, we have formed groups and tribes, realizing that we are stronger together than apart. This is the same for your studio...  unity - it’s within the word community and means “joined as a whole”. Your students/clients/fellow studios are all striving for the same thing - human connection, we want to share our experiences. Embrace your collective, without it, the studio is just an empty room with heavy things, or squishy mats and props. Always remember to provide support, keep people accountable, and work on inspiring those around you.

Here at Peerfit, we believe that community is at the core of what we do, and a part of the foundation that our platform is built upon. I personally believe that community is the central most important thing, to not only your business, but also your life (I know, that’s bold, and I mean it). I may be biased, as my role within Peerfit is Community Manager, and I’m ok with you thinking that. As long as you’re able to see things from a different perspective. Remember that it’s all about collaboration, not about competition. If you continue to remind your students/clients that they are strong, that they are responsible for their happiness, and that they can count on you for support and encouragement, you will be fulfilled, and not just monetarily.

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