At Peerfit, we’re dedicated to always supporting our local fitness community, especially during these tough times.

We’ve been asked questions by our Fitness Partners on how to offer streaming and on-demand classes, and the best way to continue receiving recurring revenue through membership options while everything is shut down.

Let's get started... first: what are your options?


Preparation is key.

Update your schedule.

Edit your class names by using the words “VIRTUAL” or “ONLINE” so it's crystal clear that members won’t be needing to join you in the studio.

Edit the class description in your booking software so attendees know it's virtual. (e.g., “This will be a virtual, live-streamed class. You will receive an email 30 minutes before class starts with the streaming link to join the video from your home!”)

Choose streaming software like Zoom, Google Hangouts, or FitGrid. There’s also Facebook Live, YouTube, or Instagram Live.

Email your class roster with the streaming link they can join, 30-60 minutes before class.

Create an experience.

Make it fun! Do everything you’d do if you were in person by keeping people engaged and calling out your attendees’ names.

Give options with each exercise, bodyweight is a great option for those without equipment.

Press record. Many software come with an option to record your session. You can offer this pre-recorded class later on to allow flexibility in people’s schedules.

Use Mindbody? Check out their post about how to set yourself up to go live. Once you’re all set, make sure to contact your Peerfit account manager to add a Peerfit pricing option to your “virtual” service category.

If you use a different booking method, you can still offer your live-streamed classes through Peerfit. We’ll need a link to the schedule of classes, and instructions on how users will join.

Pre-record your workouts

Another option would be to offer a list of old (or new) content. This allows you to recycle content and allows attendees to join when it’s convenient for them.

Start sharing content:

  • Use Vimeo OTT to launch a video subscription service.
  • Record and upload a video to your YouTube channel with your webcam.
  • Use Instagram or Facebook to create and post a feed of videos.


Offer virtual memberships

People are looking for a routine more than ever now that they’re spending most of their time at home. Bring in consistent revenue by offering a monthly unlimited membership for your live-steam or pre-recorded workouts.

Remember - part of what members pay for is the experience of entering your brick-and-mortar studio. Most consumers will expect to pay less for digital content, even if you’re still providing that virtual “in-person” touch.

What else should you consider?

Are props needed?

Let people know. You may need to be creative by suggesting at-home props - a chair for an elevated surface, your kid’s textbook as a yoga block, a bag of flour as a kettlebell (although that might get messy).

If you can, offer for people to rent your equipment or take it a step further and invest in branded inventory you can sell at retail.


Inform your audience

Use social media to announce your new schedule of live-streamed or on-demand classes, or your new membership option.

You can partner with one of Peerfit’s streaming services like FORTË or BurnAlong, to get up and running on their platform quickly and have ongoing streaming options after you’ve reopened. You may end up having some online followers from other cities or states who want access to your classes regardless of where they are located.

These unprecedented times will certainly change the fitness landscape so be sure to continue to provide services to your attendees that not only create value to them but to you, as well.


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