What. A. Year.

It’s not even over yet. And, we’re about to step into the busy seasons: back to school, fall, and the holidays. Doing all of this while also trying to shelter-in-place has brought challenges that I’m sure parents would’ve never even dreamed of. 

But we’re here. The best we can do is try to keep up and establish some sort of schedule not just for the kiddos but for ourselves, as well, to keep our sanity somewhat intact. 

It has definitely been tough trying to keep up with it all but being able to keep everything under one roof does remove a barrier that we didn’t think of. Not having to leave the house saves on time and effort allowing us to open up pockets of time that we didn’t think we had before. 

Here are a few ways that I’ve figured out how to stay active from home, while juggling my family’s schedule as well:

Block time on your calendar

Personally, I put everything on my calendar. Whether digitally or on paper, it's a great way to visualize your days and weeks and helps to keep you and the family running a tight ship. Schedule blocks of time so the family understands what they need to be doing at a certain time and that the guardians will be doing something else at the same time. If they can see it as well, it keeps everyone accountable. 

Establish a habit

Most kids work really well on an established routine and so do adults! Find a fitness class time you like and stick to it. I like to knock out my workouts first thing in the morning right after the kids’ breakfast and when they’re about to start their ‘day’. While they are working on some arts and crafts or schoolwork, that’s when I work out because I know there will be minimal interruptions.

You can usually catch me at the 8am CONBODY Livestream class a few times a week because 1) I know they will always hold it and 2) I know I get a great workout in case I end up missing a few days in the week. Consistency is key and finding a studio or class that also meets those needs makes for good habit-building. 

Schedule playtime and time off

You need to schedule work breaks, right? Take advantage of these times with your kids. Take a break and take the kids on a walk or for a quick romp outside. Give them their ‘recess’ time, and this adds an opportunity for you to burn some extra calories throughout the day. In addition, while traveling or vacation time may not be available to you right now, you can still take a PTO day. Take some time off for a staycation with the family to find activities in your city. 

Invest in at-home equipment

One of the benefits of going to a studio or gym is access to all the equipment they have. Find your favorite pieces so you can customize your workouts to suit your level and create added challenges whenever possible. Even a minimal purchase of hand weights or bands is low cost but provides a high-impact for your workouts. If you can, splurge on some connected fitness equipment and turn your workout corner into a personalized at-home gym that meets your needs exactly how you want it.  

For those still at home, juggling work and kids schoolwork, this new normal will continue to throw challenges our way. Be sure to take time for yourself to stay active and healthy. 

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