Have you ever set out to transform your lifestyle with the hopes of becoming a healthier, stronger version of yourself? Often times our motivation for healthy living stems from a desire to look a certain way. We want to be fit, have a six pack, have toned arms and strong glutes. However, exercise can be hard. It can be uncomfortable, it’s not always your friend when you’re tired from work, it requires a purpose much deeper than a yearning for a desirable physique.

To keep you motivated and establish a lifestyle and not a ‘for now-style’, you’ve got to recognize the benefits of fitness that go beyond what we see on the outside.

At Peerfit, we cherish group fitness. As a company, we put a strong focus on being active and healthy; it’s part of our DNA. We share our class schedules and regularly meet up with each other for a killer sweat session. We are encouraging and motivating to one another. So, what has driven us to create this habit? The results  that come along with the total package that is group exercise.

This year we want to shed light on the concept that Peerfit is about much more than physical fitness.


Peerfitting is #MoreThanFitness. It’s...

A way of life. It’s a therapy session for your bad days, and a way to lift you even higher on your good days. It’s your new happy hour, replacing cocktails with dumbbells but keeping the laughter and camaraderie all the same. It holds you accountable when you’re tired, allows you to make lifelong friends and discover classes and tribes you never thought could make you smile so big.

It’s about much more than how fast you can run or how well you fit into your skinny jeans. What keeps you moving when the going gets tough is the desire to socialize with your new fitness ‘colleagues’, to achieve the feeling of accomplishment after all those burpees, and the hour that allows you to forget about all of your worries. Not the bikini picture on your fridge or all of the calories you consumed the night before that you ‘need to burn’.

Peerfitting is #MoreThanFitness… it’s a lifestyle.


We challenge you to get involved.

Health and fitness are part of a larger journey; they should be a lifestyle that you live and breathe each day. By the same token, these ideals come easier to some than others. We encourage you to get involved with our #MoreThanFitness campaign with the hopes of becoming the best, healthiest version of yourself this year and beyond.

Here are some ways you can partake in the #MoreThanFitness movement:

  • Invite your friends to #peerfit with you - the more the merrier!
  • Bring wellness up in conversations with coworkers, friends, and family. How are your loved ones taking care of themselves? What workouts did they love this week? What changes did they make towards a healthier lifestyle?
  • Make a list of health and fitness goals for yourself that have nothing to do with body image. For instance, maybe your goal is to take sunrise yoga every Friday to start your weekend off with calmness or to never skip a Monday workout to start your week off with energy.
  • Go on a content diet - switch out the negative news stories for wellness blogs (we know a good one!).
  • Make wellness a priority. Set alarms and calendar events for items you deem high priority, like fitness classes, massages, or meditation. Don’t let yourself forget your mission.


Follow along our #MoreThanFitness journey.

We will be sharing why Peerfit is #MoreThanFitness on our social media channels. Make sure you follow along, comment with what #MoreThanFitness means to you, and share photos from your journey using the campaign hashtag!

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