We’ve previously talked about How Group Fitness Can Engage Your Employees, but how do you use this same resource to attract and retain top talent? Recently, being at the Society of Human Resource’s massive conference in New Orleans, I saw first-hand the unique array of services aimed directly at retaining and attracting top talent that, while interesting, did not provide the built-in health benefits and community that group fitness provides.

Whether it's the fear of missing out, a built-in way to include everyone on your team, or a strong mechanism for building a community within your workplace, you'll see below how including group fitness is a needed benefit for your employee.


We've all been there. Reading an article about some company offering a really cool benefit and thinking how neat it would be to have the same. That's how companies differentiate themselves and get the best people to come to their organizations. The fear of missing out on the opportunity to work for a company that sets itself apart from the pack is a very real thought in the mind of many job seekers.

As someone that conducts interviews quite often for our quickly growing company, I see first-hand the excitement applicants get when they find out Peerfit credits are a part of their benefit package. In addition to simply offering a differentiating benefit, the concept of focusing on group fitness allows your current and future employees to simply see that you care about their health and well-being.


Everyone's Invited

When it comes to the workplace, inclusion is a hot topic. At first glance one may think group fitness is the opposite of inclusion because everyone is at different fitness levels. What's great about group fitness is that there is something for everyone. Don't like CrossFit? Try Pilates. Don't like Pilates? Try deep stretch yoga.

No matter the fitness level, group fitness has the ability to get everyone involved, and does so in a way that they feel comfortable with. This is where that onsite gym or fitness instructor you bring to your office can backfire because it typically doesn't appeal to your team as a whole. It's important to include a fitness benefit that allows your entire team to find what works best for them so they truly feel included and maintain the desire to stay with your organization.


Build a Community, Not a Workforce

People run in groups that they want to belong to, so building your own tribe is key to retaining top talent. Group fitness in itself is known for its higher retention rate than your typical gym-only user because of the community that comes with doing something as a group. Taking this same inherit attribute of group fitness and embracing it in the workplace will have the same benefits as your team begins turning into a community that supports each other during challenging and fun times outside the confines of the office.

Much like the FOMO mentioned above, this community becomes another tool to help you attract top talent because you'll find the best people coming to your employees finding out how they can be a part of your team.


The Healthy Happy Hour

The Peerfit team recently did a large group workout together where 20+ people from our team got together and commiserated as a group through a circuit training and spin class. The smiles on everyone's faces, the amazement by everyone else attending that we all work together, and the stories we had for days afterward undoubtedly helped in making our team closer and catching the eye of lots of potential future employees. Just another normal Thursday after work for a company that uses group fitness as a benefit.


The Peerfit crew post-workout at CAMP Tampa.

The world of worksite wellness is ever-evolving and modern, innovative wellness technologies are always emerging within the industry. Wellness benefits seem to matter more than ever, and are wholly considered a way to attract talent to your organization, among other company characteristics and offerings. Group fitness not only builds healthy, strong bodies, but it builds strong bonds, as well. Replace a traditional happy hour with a “healthy happy hour”, a team workout, and you’ll see the benefits your team experiences from experiencing something challenging together.

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