What’s your fitness studio's story?

Don’t tell us you don’t have one.

Every studio has a story. A powerful ‘why’ behind its inception, amazing client anecdotes, or unique workouts, your studio has a story.

What every studio might not (but should) have is a public relations strategy. You can call it community relations, or a growth strategy, but at the end of the day, it’s public relations, and every studio (and business) needs it.

What is public relations?

Public relations (PR) is exactly what it sounds like - relationships with the public. Traditionally, public relations has been appearing in the local news or even larger news outlets. Nowadays, there are a number of ways you can gain publicity for your studio. While traditional tactics are still valuable, non-traditional tactics are worth exploring.

Some of these approaches include:

  • Having your studio founder interviewed by your favorite podcast host
  • Submit a guest blog to be published by a popular lifestyle brand
  • Build partnerships with your favorite brands, nonprofits, and influencers in your community
  • Interact with your members on Instagram and other social channels to build up a following that isn’t just inside your four walls.


Why your studio needs PR/Marketing

So, remember when we asked about your studio's story? At its core, public relations is the art of storytelling. To help your members and users resonate with more than your amazing classes and instructors, you have to tell your story.  As humans, our nature is to seek out and embrace community. PR, whether you think of it as a dirty word or not, helps you create that community.

You don’t want to be just another fitness studio that popped up around the corner. You want to be the studio your members feel connected to, proud of and even become brand advocates for.


PR & Community Relations

If now you're saying, "okay, got it, but where do I begin?", we've got some ideas below for ways your studio can start putting PR to practice today:

  • Events
    • Attend community events like health fairs, race expos, or fundraisers. Here are some of our favorite examples of studios building up their community presence by working with local charities:
  • Social media
    • Fitness studios are fortunate that nowadays they can impact prospective members before they even walk in the door. Choose social media platforms that make sense for your studio and use those platforms to tell your story through images, videos, and captions that capture your brand.
  • Media pitching
    • Is there a magazine or blog you really love that your members also read? Taking a note from the more traditional side of PR, reach out to that outlet and start building a relationship that could lead to a story about your studio. You can then share on social media, in your member newsletter, and with stakeholders in your studio building up more of a buzz around your community.
  • Personal communications
    • With regularity, communicate with your members, even when they are not in your studio, via all the ways mentioned above.
    • Find out what your members are passionate about, and if it aligns with your brand, see how you can work your members' passions into your studio.

There are so many ways your studio can grow and expand, and many of those efforts involve PR. What PR tactics have you used in the past that have worked? Share with us in the comments below!

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