Things just got even more classy, San Diego. Peerfit has arrived!

Peerfit account holders can now visit the Peerfit Studio Network in San Diego.

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Here’s everything you need to know about peerfitting in America’s Finest City:


Studios for Balance:

Bird Rock Yoga
Elite Yoga
Coronado Hot Yoga
The House of Yogi

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Even though living in SD probably makes you a pretty zen person, we all need a little ‘balance’ in our lives. Plus, you will definitely need it for a selfie after the hike to Potato Chip Rock. Whether you’re a yoga newbie or a veteran yogi, there’s a practice for every level of namaste with vast options based on your location. From North County to South County, there’s bound to be a Peerfit yoga studio on your commute up and down ‘The 5’.  

It’s time to get your “om” on. You down, dog? Puns always intended.


Studios for Cardio:

Ashley Lane Fitness
Evolve Fusion Fitness
Fortis Fitness
Glide Training
Brainstorm Fitness

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Need to burn some cals after that late night stop at In-N-Out? Playing the next day in a sloshball tourney doesn’t count. The ‘cardio’ studios in the San Diego Peerfit Studio Network have everything you need to get your heart pumping, muscles working, and calories burning after that double-double. Ever wanted to take a barre-cycle hybrid fitness class? Maybe a Plyo class, or a class that takes you outdoors to get your sweat on (who wouldn’t want to in San Diego?!)?

We get it- running on the beach is tough work. Hop around the Peerfit ‘cardio’ studios and you’ll be racing on that white sand in La Jolla in no time. Just don’t splash your running partner.


Studios for Strength:

Aerial Revolution
Barre 59
Mission FIT
Elevate Training
Studio Reform Pilates

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We all need to be hella strong to get through Opening Day at the races. So, let’s change up the workout, shall we? Yes, you can take aerial circus, barre, and bootcamp classes in the same week.

Fitness boredom? Never heard of it.

The ‘strength’ studios in the San Diego Peerfit Studio Network are certainly not holding back with their uniqueness. Say goodbye to standing in front of a mirror doing mindless bicep curls while imagining what you’ll eat after your workout (California Burrito, anyone?). Symptoms of peerfitting in San Diego include forgetting you’re working out and heavy endorphin surges. #Peerfit at your own risk.

So, from North County to South County, OB to PB, Gaslamp to La Mesa, we have studios to suit your workout style. What are you waiting for?

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