You know when your alarm goes off in the morning and the thought of lacing up your sneakers, getting in the car, and driving to your gym or fitness class absolutely repulses you? When you cannot, for the life of you, fathom getting up and out of the house? 

We feel that deep within our souls sometimes, too. 

That’s what virtual fitness is for! (Also good for, ya know, quarantining and staying home to help stop the spread of a global pandemic.)

Here’s everything you need to know about peerfitting at home.

Stream live workouts from your favorite studios

Want to take a class at your favorite local studio but don’t want to take the class AT your favorite local studio? Head to, filter by workout type, and see a list of all the Peerfit Fitness Partners offering live workout classes you can take from home. You can show up to your local Pilates class from home, or take a virtual fitness class from a studio across the country. Virtual fitness knows no limits.

Pro tip: to see a list of studios offering live and on-demand virtual fitness classes from the Explore page, click the ‘Studios’ view, click ‘Filters’, and check the ‘Live & On-Demand Classes Only’ box.

Stream live workouts like you’re right in class

Our digital partner, FORTË Fitness, allows users to join live fitness classes from home. Yes… as in, fitness studios have a camera in their fitness class and you can join, from home, and feel like you’re right there in class with everyone else. Pretty cool, right? 

FORTË works only in a membership format -- for just 6 credits a month, you can stream unlimited live workouts whenever you want (seriously).

Stream workouts from home, with friends

Another Peerfit digital partner, BurnAlong, allows you to really take advantage of group fitness from home. Sign up for live or on-demand virtual workouts and invite or join groups of friends. This way, you don’t miss out on the community fun of group fitness, but you do miss out on the traffic driving to the gym. 

BurnAlong also operates in a membership format for only 6 credits per month, which gives you unlimited access to their library full of classes for every fitness level.

Staying home doesn’t mean you can’t stay active especially on your terms. Peerfit offers lots of options to keep you on your workout schedule and to continue to try new places and classes from the comfort of your home!  

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