Seattle: we’re here to #Peerfit!

Peerfit account holders can now visit the Peerfit Studio Network in Seattle.

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Here’s everything you need to know about peerfitting in The Emerald City:


Studios for Balance

Seattle Yoga Arts
The Studio at Rainier Valley
Ripple Yoga

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Legs tired from being awesome and climbing Mount Rainier? Totally get that. We climb mountains all the time, too. Stretch out those tired muscles at any of the Seattle Peerfit Studios for balance. There is lots of yoga to be practiced, so hurry up and get to the peak so you can get your ‘OM’ on.


Studios for Cardio

COMPFit & Dance
The Handlebar Cycling Studio
Dance Daigre
Salsa N' Seattle
Fremont Health Club

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So, maybe you aren’t a self-proclaimed professional mountain climber… yet. That’s what cardio classes are for, am I right? The variety in the Seattle Peerfit Studios for cardio is mind blowing… Jazzercise, cycling, and salsa, all in one network? No, you are not being Punk’d. For maximum cardio efficiency, stop at one of Seattle’s many coffee shops to energize yourself. Unless you’re one of those people that doesn’t need coffee… we all know one of those.


Studios for Strength

Kinetic 6
The Pursuit
Northwest CrossFit
bFit Bellevue

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Are you training to be the person that tosses fish at the Pike Place Fish Market? Who wouldn’t want that job? Looks like you’ll need some strength training, friend. The strength studios in the Seattle Peerfit Studio Network have everything you could possibly need for your fish-tossing preparation. From CrossFit to circuit training, your muscle-building options are endless. What are you waiting for?

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