Technology Startup, Peerfit, has a new approach to workplace wellness

TAMPA, Fla. (August 03, 2017) - Peerfit, a digital platform that makes it easy for insurance carriers, brokers and employers to offer fitness classes to their clients and employees, is taking on the status quo of workplace wellness with their mission to redefine wellness.

According to the National Business Group on Health (NBGH), more than half of employees don’t use their total incentive dollars (nearly $700 per year) being awarded to them by their employers. This translates into millions of dollars of unclaimed incentives.

In response to this national lack of engagement, Peerfit has launched their Redefine Wellness campaign. Peerfit President & COO, Scott Peeples, kicked off the launch: “We think $7.8 billion in wellness dollars can be better spent. That money should be held accountable for actually making people healthier and making companies stronger. Let’s start by tearing away from any preconception of “wellness,” so we can give it new meaning.”

A RAND study on workplace wellness programs shows that the average participation rate in corporate wellness programs lies between just 20%-40%. Peerfit knows more can be done to increase that number.

“Wellness program managers are often trying to build a lowest common denominator solution, just in case the people who ‘are least likely to be healthy’ decide they want to participate. The result is a poor quality program that is rolled out to everyone,” said Peerfit CEO, Ed Buckley, PhD. “It’s a broken model. The most likely to be healthy don’t use it because it doesn’t fit their needs, while the least likely to use it remain unengaged in healthy behaviors.”

Jonathan Bush, CEO of athenahealth, challenged the industry to unbreak healthcare. Peerfit has enthusiastically accepted: “We live in the age of personalization,” said Buckley. “Rarely, as a consumer, do I engage in a delightful experience that isn’t catered to me. Yet, in healthcare and wellness, we act like a one-size-fits-all approach is a good thing.”

“Everyone in the healthcare chain - carrier, broker, employer, employee - has been completely underwhelmed with previous solutions and overwhelmed with administrative hassles," said Peerfit Chief Growth Officer, Todd Slawter. "Peerfit ingeniously solves both. Employees love it and bring along their co-workers, while employers have no administrative headaches yet get tremendous reporting on their group’s activities. Win, win, win, win.”

“For us, it’s not just about reducing healthcare costs, it’s about making people healthier, happier, and more productive in their lives,” said Peeples.

Ready to join the revolution and redefine wellness? Visit and get your employer involved today.

About Peerfit
Peerfit is the market leader in connecting employers and carriers with innovative fitness experiences. Through their digital platform, insurance carriers, brokers and employers can redefine their benefits programs by giving employees access to a network of fitness studios and gyms – offering a variety of classes that cater to all levels of fitness – using workplace wellness dollars. For more information, visit

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