For those of you who don’t know that May is officially Employee Health and Fitness Month, that’s okay - I don’t blame you.  This day in age, another day means another celebration to keep up with, like; Think Like a Mailman Day (Feb. 4th), If Pets Had Thumbs Day (March 3rd), and Lucky Penny Day (May 24th), to name a few.  

Yes, those are all real holidays.  

While I feel the rush of excitement when I pick up a heads-up penny as much as the next person, I still think our energy could be better spent on celebrating more important subjects like the health and fitness status of our nation’s employees.  Spent too much of your brain power thinking like a mailman on February 4th?  No problem, below are 5 ways you can celebrate this month:

Feed off the Competitive Nature of Employees (a real “Everybody Wins” scenario)

It’s no secret that as humans, we strive to be the best.  Even as I am writing this,I am telling myself to “write the best article ever”, and although I know this is probably not attainable, it is a motivating mindset that will most likely (fingers-crossed) allow me to produce a decent read.  This same concept goes for Workplace Fitness Challenges.

Although there will only be a couple of true winners, the fact of the matter is that ALL participants are winners. In the case of a Most Steps challenge, you most certainly will have the go-getter employee who wakes up at 4:30am to get in 10,000 before work at one end of the spectrum, but you will also have those employees who consciously choose the stairs over the elevator on the other end. Each of these are wins.

Quick Tip:  Create a company challenge that pegs your team of employees against a goal set by you, with the prize being some company bonding and engagement. For instance, if the whole company reaches x number of steps in x amount of time, everyone gets a catered lunch.


Make the “F” in Fitness Stand for Fun

Across the company, you are most likely going to have individuals from various fitness backgrounds.  That means the fitness junkies, the occasional gym goers, and the ‘I have never set foot in an exercise facility’ individuals all make up your workforce.  Which then poses the question: “how do I get everybody active?”  

Well, no matter the fitness level, you can bet on the fact that employees will never turn down fun.  So, make it a good time for all by taking the company outside for a quick walk, putting on some music in the company break room and jump-squatting to the beat, or simply give them access to whichever style of fitness they are interested in the most.

Quick Tip: Let your employees work on a collaborative workout playlist.  That way everyone will hear one of their favorite songs, and you will end up with a mix that will be sure to provide variety. 

Practice What You Preach

Everyone has heard this adage which rings true when employee wellness is involved, as well.  If you want your employees active, you need to join them in the pursuit.  

As the leader of your company, you have a large influence on each employee whether you are aware of it or not. This is a real opportunity for you to set your title aside and break a sweat on an equal playing field with the individuals who fuel your company.  As a side bonus, this could strengthen your relationship with your employees, which is always imperative.

Quick Tip: Take this a step further and personally invite your employees to join you.  They will appreciate the olive branch extended, and be more inclined to accept the offer if it came directly from you.


Get Some Skin in the Game

Telling employees that they should be active and healthy is one thing, but taking it a step further and giving them a way to do so is another.  Much like a company project, telling an individual to go work on something without setting them up with the tools to be successful most likely results in failure.  You need to provide a way for your employees to be active and invest in their health if you truly want to see results.  (Why it’s worth the spend)

Quick Tip: Looking for a platform that empowers your employees to be active while giving you data and ROI you want?  Contact: to get the conversation started.  



It is a celebration after all.  Pick a day this month to celebrate Employee Health and Fitness Month with your employees by throwing a party.  As this is a month focused around health and fitness, of course this is where the focus of your party should lie.  Have a buffet of healthy snacks instead of traditional party [junk] food, a push-up challenge instead of a piñata, and a toast to the company’s pursuit to healthy and happy employees. Cheers to that.

Quick Tip:  My personal go-to healthy treat is sliced apples and peanut butter!  If you want to take it to the next level, sprinkle on some raisins or cinnamon.  Yum.

However you choose to celebrate Employee Health and Fitness month, make sure to keep its core values in mind. Wellness programs that drive engagement and create a healthy culture should be your target for best success to achieve healthier employees. Invest in your people, and see your company’s success skyrocket.  With that, Happy Employee Health and Fitness month from us to all of you!


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