Everyone wants to be recognized for hard work and loyalty, and your studio members are no different. They dedicate themselves to your fitness studio/gym, work hard to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle, and have immersed themselves in your studio’s community and family. They fully support your brand and are ambassadors around town, preaching your business to friends and strangers alike. What would your business be without them?  

It’s imperative that you show your members how much you appreciate them. In addition to the fact that it costs more to acquire new customers than retain and sell to current ones, making your customers feel appreciated is the best thing to do to maintain strong relationships and opportunity for growth.

Here are a few ways you can express your gratitude and recognize your loyal members.


Celebrate milestones + accomplishments

Are you recognizing members that have hit class milestones like 50, 100, or 200 classes taken? These are feats that should be acknowledged. There’s a great balance between inclusivity of hitting that “100 club” status, and encouraging your other members to be striving towards that same goal. It’s motivating to see other people reach goals; showcase that in your studio!

Some ways to recognize those hitting class milestones are to designate a space to highlight names on a wall or chalkboard, create exclusive swag like t-shirts, tanks, or stickers, announce the milestones on social media (picture time!), and in your monthly newsletter. If you’re proud, they’re proud.

Have you had a member that has been coming for years, or who’s transformation story will inspire and encourage others to keep striving for their own goals? Highlight them as a ‘student of the month’! Share those stories like they belong on the front page of the New York Times, because well, they do.


Referral rewards

Your members are walking, talking extensions of your brand. If they love what they’re doing, they’re going to talk about it. Reward that behavior when they refer their friends and family to your studio.

You can use an external platform like Perkville to incentivize participation. This platform can track referrals, how many times they post to social media, or how much money they’ve spent at the studio. It also reminds members of their progress to winning prizes and other incentives in place.

You can also track referrals through Mindbody or other reservation software. Keep track of where your new clients are coming from. Is it from an existing client, ad, social media, your pool boy? Find out and reward.

Next, think about what to reward them with. Maybe you reward them with a percentage off of their next class package, or next months membership. Maybe it is 30% off of retail for one day. You have the power of choice around what you reward them with, and remember, make it special, because they are special.


Member-only perks

Your loyal customers should feel special. You can easily incorporate some member-only perks into your business.

Do you host guest instructors, trainers, workshops? Allow your members to be the first to reserve for those VIP classes. Open up registration for them before anyone else, give them the feeling that they are VIP’s, and have exclusive access before everyone else.

Do you have retail? Members are a steady stream of revenue. They’re loyalists to your brand, and as such, should be considered when you give out discounts. Offer them a low monthly percentage off of their purchase, this can encourage them to browse the new product dropping in your studio.


All in all, while the concept is easy to get lost in the chaos of running a business, it’s imperative to keep recognition of loyal members top of mind. How do you do it? Tag us @peerfit on social and let us know!

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