Peerfit is excited to introduce ACE (American Council on Exercise) certified CEC (Continuing Education Credit) courses! We’ve been working diligently with ACE to create a course that is free to Peerfit Fitness Partners. These courses allow fitness instructors who are accredited by ACE to continue their exercise education and receive credits for taking courses. 

As an ACE accredited instructor, you have a requirement to complete 2.0 (20 hours) CECs per two-year recertification cycle. This ensures your ACE certification is renewed. At Peerfit, we want to continue to provide value to our partners so you can continue to accomplish your goals and requirements. 

We’ve compiled some FAQs below if you’re interested in learning more about continuing education through ACE.


Who is ACE?

ACE (American Council on Exercise) is an NCAA accredited nonprofit organization that works to “Get People Moving”. They focus on globalizing fitness, certifying instructors, and providing continuing education. If you’d like to learn more about ACE, click here. 


Why register with ACE? 

ACE is accredited by the NCAA (National Commission for Certifying Agencies) and is a leader in professional and health coach certification. In 2005, IHRSA recommended that all studio owners hire trainers who are certified through NCAA or an equivalent accredited organization. If you’re not certified through ACE and have an interest in being certified through them, please click here to learn more. 


Why do continuing education? 

As an ACE-certified instructor, you must complete 20 hours of continuing education within the two-year recertification cycle. The courses Peerfit provides or will provide are approved by ACE and can be used towards these 20 hours of continuing education. Even if you’re not certified through ACE, these courses will provide useful education to continue learning about exercise and fitness. 


What are CECs?

CECs are continuing education credits. These are the credits that are added to your ACE account to show you’ve completed a course. 


What do Peerfit's courses look like?

Our courses will vary on topics and you’re welcome to pick and choose what best fits your needs. Courses will vary in length and will include the credit amount and a description. Depending on the length of the course, there will be numerous videos to watch before completion. 


How much does it cost to take this course? 

This course is at no cost to you. 


What do you need to complete the course? 

After completing the course and reviewing all related materials, you will need to take the course quiz and fill out the Course Reviewer form which can be uploaded on the course webpage. 


How quickly can you attain your CECs? 

After submitting your required documentation it can take up to 14 business days to receive your certificate of completion with your ACE-approved course number from Peerfit. That number will be in the format of CEP/CP/CA/CS/CL, and will be followed by five to six numbers (ie: CA23456 or CEP123456). Once you receive this number you may submit to ACE for accreditation.


How do I log in CECs in ACE? 

Log in to your MyACE account and click on "My CECs." You’ll be redirected to your CEC page, where you can simply type in the course number. The CEC total should automatically fill in when you click out of the course number box. Afterward, you’ll need to input the completion date in MM/DD/YYYY format and click “Add CECs.”  When you refresh the CEC list your new credits should be visible.

If you’re unable to obtain the correct number or are otherwise unable to complete the process online, you may mail/fax/e-mail a copy of a certificate of completion from the course/event, and ACE will enter your CECs for you.


ATTN: Educational Services

4852 Paramount Drive

San Diego, CA 92123



(858) 576-6564 

Attn: Educational Services




What should I do with my certificate of completion? 

Keep all your certificates of completion and any other course documentation for at least four years. Continuing education costs may be tax-deductible as a business expense. Please check with your tax consultant for details.


How do I access my course through Peerfit? 

You can begin your course by clicking here.

We are so excited to be able to provide ways to increase your knowledge and education through these ACE accredited courses! If you have any additional questions regarding this CEC course provided by Peerfit, please email*. 

*Please note that you will not be able to provide your completion submissions to this email. Please follow the directions on the CEC Course page.


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