Fitness isn’t one-size-fits-all. This shouldn’t come as a surprise - after all, most things aren’t. We all come in different sizes, shapes, colors and ages, and we believe this diversity should be embraced. Enter: Peerfit.

We work every day fueled by the notion that every body is a capable body. We built our mission on the premise that variety is the spice of life and working out should be a reflection of that. Wellness has become a hot topic as of late, but in a sea of #fitspiration and #goals, it’s easy to see the same kinds of posts, and people, over and over. Statistically, we’re prone to interact more with people who look like us, and our social media interactions are no exception. To help keep your feed fresh and ever-inspiring, here are some wellness influencers you might not know about, but most definitely should.

Angelique Miles (@angeliquemiles)

Angelique Miles has, quite possibly, found the Fountain of Youth. At 51, the fitness and lifestyle blogger glows from the inside out, crediting her love of running to Crossfit workouts she started after she turned 40 and noticed she was gaining weight. Miles is a testament to turning a negative into a positive.

After being laid off from the music industry, she used the opportunity to start her company, The Miles Method, and begin the journey of becoming a full-time blogger. Her candor is fresh, relatable, and hard not to love. Like us, she’s a huge fan of boutique fitness, and she’s living proof that fitness can become a priority at any time in your life.

Coss Marte (@cossmarte)

Coss Marte has one of the greatest comeback stories of all time. Surrounded by drugs and crime from a young age, Coss started selling marijuana at just thirteen. By nineteen, he was selling hard drugs and making millions. By twenty-three, he was overweight and in jail, and doctors told him that his high blood pressure and cholesterol could kill him before he even left prison.

From there, Coss started working out in his prison cell, lost seventy pounds, helped other inmates get fit, and turned all of that into a post-prison business plan. Today, Coss is the proud owner of Coss Athletics and CONBODY in New York City, a TEDx speaker, and legitimate businessman. Holy comeback.

Stacey Griffith (@staceygnyc)

Stacey Griffith. SoulCycle Senior Master Instructor. TIME Magazine Contributor. Author of Two Turns from Zero. Generally fierce and all kinds of inspiring. As SoulCycle’s second hire, Stacey Griffith is now one of the company’s most visible faces, famous for being able to push her students to their limit - earning her the nickname “The Tony Robbins of Fitness”. She uses her own personal journey, from overcoming alcoholism to the relatable struggles of finding her identity, as fuel to inspire others, and her Instagram shows just that.  

Joe Holder (@ochosystem)

Joe Holder - nationally ranked track star-turned UPenn wide receiver-turned Nike trainer to the stars. After suffering from a series of injuries while playing college football, Joe Holder developed what is now known as The Ocho System, a holistic approach to wellness he uses to bring out the best in his clients - physically, mentally and emotionally. Follow him on Instagram to get a peek into his life filled with celebrity clients, workout tips, and plant-based eats.

Louise Green (@louisegreen_bigfitgirl)

Louise Green is a personal trainer, columnist for Self Magazine and Author of Big Fit Girl: Embrace the Body You Have. Her inclusive approach to fitness is simple: every body can be an athletic one. Having discovered her love for fitness after meeting and working with a plus-sized trainer, she’s since focused on empowering others - helping people to love the bodies they’re in, rather than comparing them to others. It seems like a no-brainer, but we’re all guilty of comparison. Check her out for some #MondayMotivation and follow her on way to conquering the Ironman.

Candice Kumai (@candicekumai)

Candice Kumai has been nicknamed  “The Golden Girl of Wellness”. With brand collaborations with the likes of Adidas, Lululemon, Girl Boss, and Well + Good (one of our favorites!), to name a few, she’s a #wellnesswarrior to be reckoned with. Her Instagram offers glimpses into recipes she’s cooking up (did we mention she’s a classically trained chef, too?) that blend her California upbringing with her mother’s Japanese culture, not to mention a whole lot of workouts, and even more matcha. What’s not to love?

Colleen Saidman Yee (@colleensaidman)

Colleen Saidman Yee is the owner of Yoga Shanti Studios in New York and author of Yoga For Life: A Journey to Inner Peace and Freedom. With over thirty years of teaching experience, she’s a veteran in the wellness space, having also contributed for Peloton Cycle and Gaia online yoga, among others.

She also co-founded Urban Zen Integrative Therapy, a holistic well-being initiative that blends eastern and western medicine, with fashion designer Donna Karan of DKNY. Needless to say, we’re not quite sure when she has time to sleep. Her feed is an envious combination of family, yoga, and travel - and a great reminder to live in the moment.

One of the greatest byproducts of social media is being able to create communities out of total strangers. Who are some of your favorite wellness gurus? 


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