Have you ever gone through a drive-thru for a simple cup of coffee and had the most pleasant experience as a customer? It was just a drive-thru, but the barista and cashier made your day with their cheery personalities and contagious smiles. Or, inversely, maybe you encountered a barista and cashier who weren’t as happy to see you, which affected your experience and view of that particular coffee shop from then on.

Our point being that, no matter how small of an interaction, client happiness is a delicate, significant concept that should be treated with the utmost attention.

At Peerfit, we strive to bring our users the best experience when it comes to group fitness. From finding the perfect studio in your area, to scheduling a class on your phone with ease, we expect Peerfitters to feel supported along the way. We know the studios in our networks have similar expectations, so here are five tips Peerfit has found to be integral to achieving client happiness at your fitness studio.

Friendly Front Desk

For many, attending a group fitness class can be intimidating and stressful, especially on the first visit. New clients (and even some long time clients) may not know studio rules, sign-in procedures, or class pre-requisites. One of the best ways to welcome new clients is to have staff ready to accommodate them and answer questions once they walk in.

Front desk staff should be prepared to greet visitors entering the studio and answer questions about classes, all while keeping the line moving. Designating a staff member to check clients in, and another to handle questions will give your studio the friendly atmosphere you want without inconveniencing others.


Helpful Floor Staff

While critical, a welcoming front desk staff isn’t always enough. Once a client passes onto the floor, a new wave of anxiety and questions is likely to come up. Are these machines available? Why is no one in that area? Where are the restrooms? How do I use this equipment?

Having staff available to explain what parts of the floor are accessible, how to operate unique machinery, or even give a tour will set your studio apart. A floor employee can help alleviate a client’s apprehension and provide reassurance that they are following studio rules. Things like helping visitors clip onto stationary bikes or teaching a newcomer the 1, 2, 3’s of boxing are imperative. You never know what someone may think to try on the floor, so having staff on the lookout will benefit both you and your clients.


Studio Rules and Digital Schedules

While it would be ideal to have staff constantly available to assist visitors, we know that’s not always going to be the case. There will be times during every day when your team is occupied or unavailable to walk the floor. This is why Peerfit encourages all studios to have an accessible and easy-to-follow list of rules, schedules, and FAQs.

Having your rules available to visitors of your studio, and website, will allow clients to find answers to common questions and concerns on their own without needing to speak with staff. Many users may even prefer reading studio rules on their own time and in advance so they can enter the studio ready for class. You can include a suggestion box beneath the posted rules (in-studio and online), as well, to see if your rules, schedules, and FAQs may be missing a topic or question your visitors care about.  


Post-Workout Snacks

The best way to make someone feel at home is to offer them refreshment. Socializing over a tasty smoothie after a good workout enriches your community, creates friendships and is healthy. It also can be a nice source of additional revenue. If you are unable to house a smoothie cafe, arrange a weekly community event where your morning class heads to a local smoothie shop after the workout.

Other touches like offering complimentary cough drops after a hot yoga session, or single-serving protein bars following intense workouts helps bring your patrons together. You can even go with the literal water cooler, with hot water for tea, to create a place for visitors to talk about how much they enjoyed the class.


Hygiene Products

One of the most common reasons people can’t get to the gym is because of time. It can be challenging to fit in a workout at the studio when you have evening plans or need to run errands afterward. If your visitors are able to freshen up with quick acting hygienics like face wipes, dry shampoo, and deodorant after working out, they can go straight to happy hour or the grocery store without feeling self-conscious.

Keeping these items on hand also encourages a clean studio where patrons know machines have been wiped off and towels are fresh. From our experiences working with and working out at countless fitness studios, we know a clean studio with an attentive staff along with a few amenities will help you see smiling faces in your studio every day.

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