A brand is more than a logo and color palette. It’s really defined by your purpose. Simon Sinek said it best: “People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it.”

In a sea of countless fitness studios, one of the best ways to differentiate yourself is by investing in your brand and marketing. Brands need to not only be original, but also bold and consistent, offer value to their customers, and on top of it all, be visually appealing.

We’ve found a few studios in the Peerfit Studio Network who have nailed it from their messaging, to their class offerings, all the way to their visual identities. Check ‘em out:

Box + Flow, NYC

Hitting stuff is hands down the best workout you can do. Not only are you relieving stress, but you’re are burning calories while you’re at it. But Box + Flow offers more than that. The class is structured as half boxing, half yoga-inspired flow class; a place to work not only your body but your soul, too, keeping your entire instrument top notch. They have created the yin and yang of workouts: complete opposite styles married to give you the ultimate mind + body workout.

Their logo is the combination of that yin and yang: a structured font coupled with a free flow script, to help define their classes and establish an aesthetic that can be felt, and seen.

Reserve a class at Box + Flow.

Heat, Raleigh

A key element of a brand’s visual identity is having a library of graphic elements to use. Heat took their brand further by creating a design that ties directly into their tagline: Energy through Movement.

When you visit their site, you can feel the intensity and movement of not only the brand, but of what you can expect from their classes and training. These types of graphical elements help create depth and context, and provide options for visual marketing across all of your channels.

Reserve a class at Heat.

SOHO Cycling, Tampa

Another element to consider when building a brand is knowing when it’s time to make a change. SOHO Cycling recently underwent a rebrand wherein they stripped down their visuals to focus on their community and their instructors. Sleek black and white photography provides great content for their website and social channels, and allows their members to get to know their instructors. These visuals along with their messaging pushes forth the idea of calling their fitness studio “home”, welcoming new and old members alike.

Reserve a class at Soho Cycling.

The Daily, Atlanta

Although we said a brand is more than a logo and colors, The Daily has nailed the aesthetic of a strong brand. Coupled with strong messaging, their visual identity both on their website and in social media is unified and purposeful. And let’s be honest, just a pleasure to look at.

Their visual identity is easy to navigate; their minimalistic vibe helps customers old and new focus on their purpose, versus trying to journey through a sea of inconsistent, erratic imagery, text, and graphical elements.

Reserve a class at The Daily.

UpCycle, Boise

Nothing tugs at the heartstrings quite like an organization with a mission to do good. And that is exactly what UpCycle has done. They recently transitioned to being a benefit corporation and as a part of their goals must provide a positive impact on society, workers, the community and the environment. Through their mission they are supporting their community through local initiatives; every time you take a class you are cycling for the greater good. What more motivation do you need?

Anyone can say they give a great workout. How are you going to make people feel? The feeling you want your members to have should be reflective in your visuals, defined in your messaging, and be clear on your channels. Once you are able to define that, you have found your brand.

Reserve a class at UpCycle.

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