Remember when you looked to Twitter for your daily news, stayed in the loop of your friends’ whereabouts on Instagram, and kept in touch with family on Facebook? Oh yeah… that’s right now. Social media has taken over almost every aspect of our daily lives, and, while we might love to hate it, each platform has its advantages for bettering your health.

Just like the concept that “you are what you eat” (this is true, your diet dictates so much of how your body functions), the same can be said for the digital content you consume. Much like a traditional diet, a “content diet” involves eliminating unhealthy social content from your social feeds and filling them with content that makes your mind stronger and healthier.

When it comes to fitness, much of maintaining an active, wholesome lifestyle comes down to putting mind over matter.. First, get your mind on board and your body will follow. It’s important to be mindful of the things you expose yourself to through the mediums you frequent most (Click here for more tips on maintaining fitness motivation.)

For many, Instagram’s image-heavy platform is a go-to for gorgeous food photos and recipe inspiration, following along with top celebrities and artists, or simply connecting with friends. With over 500 million Instagram users active each month, the majority of us get our “insta-fix” while scrolling through our feeds in line at the grocery store or while getting a haircut. Pretty pictures at our fingertips… why not? Because of its frequent exposure, Instagram is a great tool to help you keep your health top-of-mind.

Let’s go on a content diet, shall we? Whether you’re a veteran #peerfitter or just starting your class habit, these fitness influencers are the perfect ingredients to add to your healthy content diet, giving you endless doses of inspiration.


@workoutbean - SoulCycle NYC

Jera of @workoutbean is a SoulCycle instructor in New York City who shares her fitness adventures on Instagram. While the fitness images in her feed are certainly motivating (um, hello abs!), her passion for what she does inspires us most. If you’re ever feeling down or too lazy to get to class, seeing Jera’s enthusiasm for instructing at SoulCycle will ignite a fire in you to get yourself to spin. We love the animated way Jera shares her spin schedule in her Instagram Stories, and the way she brings her community together to sweat and work.


@suspencefitness - CAMP Tampa

Spencer Beaudreault of @suspencefitness instructs Circuit classes at Peerfit Premium Studio, CAMP, in Tampa, FL. Spencer is one of those people whose passion for working hard and achieving goals rubs off on those around him (or those following his Instagram). Oh, and if you’ve ever taken his class, you know what it means to be pushed to the limit (hey, no challenge, no change!). We asked Spencer about the “why” behind his uber-inspiring Instagram feed. His response?

“I use social media to express myself, to show my personality, and to influence people. Since social media platforms are widely used, I'm able to reach people more effectively. I genuinely enjoy helping and influencing people even if it's in the smallest of ways, and social media helps me do that.”

How’s that for motivation?!

Click here to give CAMP a try!


@sarah_levey - Y7 STUDIO NYC

Sarah Levey, founder of Y7 STUDIO in New York City, shows us what it’s like when fitness is your work and your life. We love following her, not only because her photos are beautiful (we’re only slightly obsessed with the fun signs at Y7), but, also because she’s an inspiration for yogis and businesswomen alike. She inspires us to reach our handstand goals and make our career dreams come true.

Oh, and did we mention that Y7 STUDIO is the original ‘hip hop yoga’ studio? Pretty cool, huh?


@nikkimetzger - BODI Scottsdale

Nikki Metzger, founder of Peerfit Premium Studio, BODI, in Scottsdale, AZ, is another fierce female group fitness influencer who inspires us with her Instagram feed. Her seemingly consistent workout schedule encourages us to stay on track and push through the challenges that we face. She and her BODI crew embody the community values that Peerfit is passionate about; she’s proving that fitness is more fun with friends!


@robinnyc - Peloton Cycle NYC

Robin Arzon of Peloton Cycle in NYC is epitomizes a ‘no excuses’ attitude. Robin opens up about the trials and tribulations of life through her social media platform(s). It’s truly inspiring hearing about what she’s pushed through and how she’s come out stronger than ever. Robin rallies her cycle squad through her Instagram, where she’s cultivated a dedicated community of followers and fans. You’ll see that she’s committed to fitness,not only through the classes she teaches at Peloton Cycle, but also through the classes she takes at various studios, supporting the NYC fitness community. That is what we love!

Next time you catch yourself scrolling aimlessly through the black-hole of Instagram, bring awareness back to your ‘content diet’. Ask yourself these questions: Who am I following? What are my takeaways from the people I follow? How are they inspiring me?

We encourage you to audit your Instagram and follow the accounts that have a positive effect on you every day. Let’s make a collective effort to be more driven when we look up from our smartphones than we were when we looked down.

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