For most of the country, Summer means vacations, barbecues, and weekends spent by the pool or beach. Naturally, Summer also means warmer weather, and while it’s important to drink enough water all year round, summertime temps can make us all more prone to dehydration.

To help make sure your engine stays hydrated, here are five easy ways to ensure you're drinking enough water.


There’s an app for that

In addition to logging your daily water intake on your phone’s Health app, you can also download hydration tracker apps in your App Store, or even add an extension for it in Google Chrome. Not only will they help calculate how much water your body requires (everyone’s bodies are different!), but they’ll also send you reminder notifications when it’s time for you to drink your next cup.


Stickers aren’t just for kids

For those who still prefer pen and paper to mobile apps, we’ve got you covered, too. Just like the digital version, water tracker stickers are a simple, visual way of monitoring your H2O intake over the course of the day.

Add them to your favorite desk calendar or agenda, fill in a spot for every cup you drink, and your body will thank you later! If you’re really not digging the whole sticker situation, tally marks on your calendar work just fine, too.


Ring the alarm

Think of this as your DIY solution. 64 ounces is commonly referenced as the daily recommendation for adults, which translates to eight cups of water per day. If 64 ounces is enough for your body, set an alarm every hour to remind yourself to drink a cup. Eight hours at work = eight alarms = eight cups. Voila!


Everyone loves a challenge

Everyone loves a good competition, right? Take advantage! Creating a challenge amongst your family or coworkers to see who can get their 64 ounces every day will not only make everyone healthier, but it’s also a great way to bond as a team. Use this as an opportunity to create healthy habits that will, hopefully, continue to stick once the challenge is over. 

Pro tip: If you're down for a challenge but need some more flavor in your 64 ounces, flavored waters like Vita Coco are a healthy, hydrating alternative. 


Invest in a good water bottle

Drinking water consistently is easier, and more environmentally responsible, when you have your own water bottle that you can refill as needed. Like everything, water bottles are entirely customizable, with straws, designs, lids, and materials catered to whatever your need or liking. If you don’t have a water cooler in your office or generally won’t be able to refill often, buy a larger bottle that will hold you over longer.

As Leonardo da Vinci said, “Water is the driving force of all nature.” Make sure it drives you, too.

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