What’s the best part about being a Peerfitter? Some of you would answer that question with an “I get to work out with my friends and coworkers” or “fitness has become my new happy hour”.

Or, some of you love the diverse options of fitness studios at your fingertips. Not only are the types of workouts Peerfit offers unique, but some of the studios in the Peerfit Studio Network are seriously different (in a good way).

Gone are the days of walking into your local big box gym and going through a mind-numbing hour treadmill session. Say buh bye to looking up to see cheesy semi-motivational quotes painted across the wall, the sounds of giant humans slamming weights and making nonsensical sounds at the same time. Who doesn’t love a good weightlifting grunt?

Everyone. Everyone doesn’t love that.

The point is, friends, that one of the best parts about being a Peerfitter is you can take an indoor surf class on Monday and a yoga class with goats on Tuesday. What planet are we on? Earth. We are on Earth. And this is for real.


Brrrn, New York City

Get ready to feel the brrrn like you never have before - literally.

Peerfit Studio, Brrrn in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City is the world’s first cool temperature fitness studio. That's right, cool temperature fitness. Brrrn workouts, whether you prefer the high intensity "Hit" class or the lower impact, resistance-focused "Slide" class (or the "Hit+Slide" class that combines the two) are all fifty minutes at fifty degrees. Why fifty degrees, you ask? Cold Hard Facts. When the body is exposed to temperatures between 40°-64°F, we experience "mild cold stress", or a series of physiological responses that includes burning more calories! Get ready for what will undoubtedly be the coolest workout of your life. 

Reserve a class at Brrrn.


City Surf Fitness, Dallas

Ever want to try surfing, but are afraid of what lies beneath the depths of the ocean? Okay, maybe that, or you just live in a land-locked state that requires you to travel by plane just to hear ‘surf’s up, brah’! If you belong to the latter, Peerfit Studio, City Surf Fitness in Dallas, TX, can solve that problem.

City Surf Fitness provides workouts ranging from cardio, strength, and even yoga, all on stationary surf boards that require a bit of a balancing act. If you’ve ever gone surfing, you know how good of a workout it truly is. The City Surf concept takes movements from the sport and transports them indoors into a sweaty, muscle-building workout. No need to move to the beach - you can now surf in Texas, Peerfitters.

Reserve a class at City Surf Fitness.  


Goat Yoga, Corvallis

Apparently, yoga with animals is the new black. You know that dream you had recently where you were doing a downward dog and out of nowhere, a goat appeared and brought all the happy feels to your yoga practice? That wasn’t a dream, it’s a thing, this is not a drill. You can take a yoga class with goats, at Peerfit Studio, Goat Yoga.

Think of these goats like service animals, but different. They’re more therapeutic. You can read all about the science behind therapy animals here. All I’m saying is, goat yoga sounds like a dream come true, and I’m not not booking a plane ticket to take a class right now…

Reserve a class at Goat Yoga.


Aerial Artique, San Francisco 

So, you can either be a ninja, or now, a circus performer. Peerfit Studio, Aerial Artique in San Francisco, CA, offers Acrobatic-inspired classes like Aerial Silks, Lyra, Breakdancing, Handstands, and more. This place is basically the definition of having fun and getting a workout in while doing it.

Let out your inner child and maybe you’ll end up on the stage at Cirque du Soleil, who knows?!

Reserve a class at Aerial Artique.


There you have it - some of the most unique Peerfit Studios around. As Peerfit grows, so will your sweat options. Hey, you might end up #peerfitting in space here pretty soon. You heard it here first. 

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