As studio owners, you’re very familiar with the time and effort (and money, let’s be real) it takes to get new clients into your studio. New faces in class are great, but we all know that new faces that become regulars are even better. As part of our ongoing mission to help your facility’s success, here are four simple factors to consider when looking to convert your new client into a full-fledged regular.

Friendly, Engaged Staff

This may seem obvious, and that’s because it is. As the old saying goes, you attract more bees with honey than vinegar. Think about places you like to go - fitness-related or not. Would they still be your favorite places to go if their customer service was lackluster, or their staff looked generally disinterested? Probably not.

Your front desk staff is often your clients’ first impression of your studio, make sure you only hire the best of the best. Above all, make sure your staff is friendly, welcoming, and the kind of company your clients would like to keep.


In an ideal world, the workouts at your studio should be as diverse as the people doing them. This doesn’t mean you need to add yoga to your Zumba schedule (unless you want to!). What it does mean is considering your clients’ wants/needs, whether that be offering different styles of the same workout to accommodate different fitness levels or even classes at different times of the day for those who can’t come in during traditional office hours.

While we at Peerfit enjoy flexible hours, most people, unfortunately, don’t. If all of your classes are offered from 10 am to 3 pm, you could potentially be alienating your studio from a large client pool.


Ah, amenities. Think of amenities as little love notes to your clients, and write them often. That being said, you don’t need to break the bank in order to provide quality, memorable “extras” for your visitors.

Have a Keurig you’re not using? Turn it into a coffee or tea bar for the studio. Keep extra towels on hand for people who forget theirs (extra points for lavender scented ones!). Even something as simple as having an extra stash of hair ties will go a long way in the eyes of your clients - trust us.

It’s Clean

This also seems like a no-brainer, but keep your space clean! No one wants to be in a room that looks, smells or feels like the inside of a garbage can, let alone get sweaty in one. Simple as that.

At the end of the day, people want to feel welcome and comfortable in your space - be their sanctuary, and they’ll sing your praises.

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