Between Operations and the overall needs of a business, it’s only natural for companies to want to maximize their investment in all capacities, and that naturally extends to wellness programs. 

If you’re debating which course of action is best when it comes to your corporate wellness program, or trying to decide whether or not to implement one at all, here are four reasons why you should absolutely invest in the wellness of your employees. 


It’s what employees want (and need!) 

Flexible or remote work options and paid family leave are increasingly becoming must-have benefits for companies rather than “perks.” Wellness programs are no exception. In a survey with benefits provider Unum, over one-third of employees said an onsite gym or wellness program was on their benefit wish list. 

80% of American adults don't meet recommended physical activity levels, and providing employees access to exercise has been shown to benefit not only their physical health, but their mental and emotional health as well. 


It’s an engagement strategy

While the decision at hand is about a technically a wellness program, it’s really an engagement strategy - if done right.

One of the hallmarks of a successful wellness program is personalization. Gym subsidies and biometric screenings traditionally dominate the corporate wellness space, but they also notably lack engagement. Why? Because they aren’t customizable and often limited to one option. The solution? Programs that allow employees to customize their wellness journey according to their own wants and needs, like Peerfit. After all, your employees aren’t one-size-fits-all, why should their wellness program be? 

As employees become more engaged in your wellness program, you’ll find they also become more engaged at work in the process. Exercise has been proven to make us happier (some research has even suggested moreso than money!), and happier, healthier employees lead to a more productive and focused workforce. 


It keeps you competitive

If you’ve tried your hand at recruiting the past few months, you know the labor market is tight as a drum. With unemployment at a fifty-year low, companies are leveraging their perks and benefits packages to attract potential hires more than ever before. 

Offering a wellness program that potential employees will actually want to use not only keeps you competitive when hiring, but it will also help retain talent once you find it. One study even found that employees were more likely to refer contacts to their company if it offered a wellness program. See? There’s that engagement strategy at work.


It strengthens the culture

It’s no secret that we think coworkers make the best workout partners. After all, we didn't just build our corporate model on that premise; we built our culture on it, too.

If you work eight hours a week Monday through Friday in a traditional office setting, that means you, quite literally, spend more time with your colleagues than friends and family. For that reason, it’s crucial that bonds forged between coworkers are healthy and strong, and nothing says healthy like inviting your coworker to sweat out some stress. 


When it comes to investing in the health and wellness of your team, it’s important to remember just that - it’s an investment, not just another expense. 

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