If you are looking to build an online tribe, Instagram is one of the best places to go. It’s the best social media channel to show off the visual aesthetic of your studio, which has become increasingly more important in this digital age.

According to Statista, there are around 800 million monthly active users on Instagram, which means it’s a platform that shouldn’t be ignored! Whether you are an experienced social media maven, or simply want to get started, it’s always a good idea to get some inspiration from those who do it well.

We have plenty of unique studios in our Peerfit Studio Network, and here are some that are absolutely killing it on Instagram:

Love Hive Yoga

Love Hive’s Instagram page is om-believable. If you are looking to feel #zen and be inspired in your yoga practice, their page is an excellent place to go. Their feed gives insight into their trainers, as well as shows off the yogi lifestyle in a variety of ways.

For someone seeking “Portlander Yogi” vibes, their page tells the story of what you’ll experience in their studio.

What makes their page great?

  • A consistent aesthetic: They use the same filter throughout their page, and completely immerses you into their practices.
  • A variety of images: Love Hive Yoga posts behind-the-scenes photos, photos from classes, as well as inspirational  “zen” imagery. Their page expresses the daily mindfulness encouraged by the studio and their trainers.
  • Shows their expertise: If you are looking for a truly yogi studio, their Instagram page says that this is the place. Yoga is a lifestyle, not just something you are a part of while in their studio.


The Daily

The Daily’s motto is “do it on the daily”. When it comes to posting awesome Instagram content, they definitely follow their own mantra! Their page carries a harmonious aesthetic, and has professional style photography. They mix up still images with videos and Boomerangs, taking full advantage of having a variety of media content that entices their followers.

The studio’s photos include workouts, quotes, behind-the-scenes shots, as well as updates on their class schedules. Even if you have never physically been to their studio, you’ll feel like you have and that’s what “social” media is all about.

What makes their page great?

  • Branding: The Daily’s page is branded to the core. All of the images on their page have a similar color scheme, themed image styles, and inspiration that suits their brand.
  • Image quality: When The Daily takes a photo for their studio, you can tell that they consider the way it looks before posting. The quality of their images reflects that they obviously take a step back and edit it to suit their image style and quality.
  • Show off your clients: The Daily not only shows off their beautiful studio, they also show off their studio-goers. By featuring your clients, you’ll also show your value for them. The Daily does a great job at showing off their studio and workouts in an inspiring way.


The Fhitting Room

The best studios have a built-in community and culture that they’ve created and social media is a great place to show that. Instagram is the best way to visually show your culture, and The Fhitting Room does an excellent job. When you take a look at their page, you not only see their beautiful studio and workouts, you also see the strong social culture behind their studio-goers.

You may also notice another thing - that notable bright “Fhitting Room green” throughout their page. That means that if you see a Fhitting Room image in your feed, you’ll likely know exactly who’s posted it without even looking at the username.

What makes their page great?

  • They have a distinct style: The Fhitting Room’s page is color-coded and has a consistent style of images. You can feel the energy of the studio simply by looking at their page.
  • They are inviting: We are all about making fitness social, and The Fhitting Room is too. Even if you are a newcomer to the studio, you automatically feel comfortable just by looking at their page!
  • They have fun on social media: If there is a place to try new types of marketing content, social media is that place. Not all images on The Fhitting Room’s page is focused on the workouts themselves; they sometimes post a funny Boomerang of their trainers or an inspirational quote.


Crush Fitness

You may be a bit intimidated to try a workout at a studio named “Crush”, but once you see their Instagram page, you’ll get all the motivation you need to get your feet through the door. The studio’s page does a great job motivating you to run, lift, and become a “badass with a good ass.”

Crush Fitness also does an excellent job with posting a variety of content, while still organizing a cohesive grid.

What makes their page great?

  • Quotes: Go ahead and search #quotes or #quote on Instagram. You might see that it pulls up an insane amount of hashtagged posts. That’s because using quotes on Instagram is an excellent way to visually show your “voice” to your audience. Crush Fitness posts an inspirational quote every week, displaying an extra level of inspiration. Just be sure the messaging of your quotes is in-line with your brand!
  • The “go-to” for their audience: In order to be social with your audience, you need to also be a bit informative, too! Crush Fitness does a great job at providing inspiration and tips to their audience, giving their audience an extra reason to visit their page.
  • Variety in picture angles: Not all photos should be forward-facing, with a posed (and possibly awkward) smile. Posting photos in a variety of angles brings some artistry to your page. Crush Fitness posts a variety of angles, whether it be someone’s feet, or hands, and the variety makes their page absolutely crush it.

No matter what stage you’re in in your Instagram page journey, it’s always a great idea to check out what some of the best pages are doing. Not only will it help you gain new followers, but also help build a community around your studio.

How is your studio killing it on Instagram?

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