About a year ago, we started taking our Instagram real serious. We pride ourselves on being a fun, witty, and creative team, and we decided that our social media content should reflect that. So, we changed a few things for the better, and we’re here to share the wealth with our studio partners.

If you've been looking to kick your Instagram game up a notch, here are four moves from our Instagram playbook that you can use to have a knockout Instagram feed, too. 


Edit absolutely everything 

While social media makes it seem like everyone lives in a photo shoot-ready environment with perfect lighting, in reality, they don’t (us included). Fortunately, for all of us, smartphones can take some pretty great pictures, and editing is pretty much magic.

Editing your photos using apps, like VSCO or Afterlight, is a sure-fire, easy way to make sure your pictures look pretty, and, at the end of the day, that’s what a good Instagram is all about. 

Pro tip: Many studios tend to be dark. If this is the case for you as well, increase the photo’s “brightness” or exposure. For rooms that look yellow for whatever the reason, decrease the “warmth”.


Lay it all out 

Lay it all out - ahead of time. This may take the “insta” out of “Instagram”, but it’s well worth it. 

Planning out your Instagram feed allows you to visualize what everything will look like prior to posting, helping you create a cohesive feed that isn’t repetitive. We love motivational quotes as much as the next person, but having three in a row (for example) can be a little much. Instagram grid planners, like UNUM and Later, are great tools for seeing what your Feed will look like ahead of time. 

Pro tip: Remember, Instagram is a visual channel. Aesthetics are everything - try creating a color scheme for your Instagram Feed focused around your brand colors. It’s a small trick that instantly makes everything look polished and professional. 


Consistency is key

Like anything, consistency with your social media posts, regardless of the channel, is key. Instagram is a great way to engage your current clients while also introducing yourself to new ones. That being said, current clients won’t engage with a profile that hasn’t been updated in three months, and it isn’t a great impression to new clients, either. 

Posting daily ideal, but depending on the size of your team or bandwidth available, it might not be realistic. Try a couple times a week to start, and you can see how it goes from there. 

Pro tip: While it’s important to post frequently and consistently, be sure not to post too frequently. Audiences should be engaged, not bombarded. Limit feed posts to three/day maximum, and take advantage of Instagram Stories if you’d like to share additional content with your users. If you haven’t hosted a Studio Takeover on our Instagram yet, let our Content Marketing Strategist know here and she’ll get you all set up. 


Be yourself 

It sounds cliché, but it’s true. A strong brand identity is crucial to any business - for studios, it’s going to be what keep clients engaged and coming back, while making sure new ones come through the door. Your Instagram feed should be an extension of yourself, and you can use it as another way to keep students feeling like they’re a part of your community. Remember, your clients like you for a reason, and your social media should reflect that. 

Social media can seem overwhelming, especially if you have a small team managing it, but with these tips and tricks, your content will be Insta-worthy real soon.

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