“Team-building” often gets a bad rap, and it shouldn’t. Building trust and connecting your employees is essential for any team.

Being a remote workforce, the majority of Peerfit’s team-building activities happen digitally. These include weekly book clubs, building collaborative playlists or even internal fitness challenges (which, for a team is as competitive as ours, can be quite entertaining). Here are three ways your company can make team-building activities just as enjoyable.

Be Active, Together

Peerfit not only sells the idea of having a stronger culture through tighter social bonds via our product, we also walk the walk…while having as much fun as possible. This occasionally means traveling en masse to meetings and heading to boxing straight from the airport – jet lag, luggage and all. Exercise is always a great way to bond, release some endorphins, build endurance, and better ourselves, together. Coworkers make the best workout partners, so grab your team, head to a class, and see for yourself. Don’t have a corporate wellness plan? No problem! You can sign your company up for Peerfit here

Celebrations, Recognition and Perks

We hang out with each other outside of work (and workouts), too. This can range from enjoying a baseball game all together at Fenway Park or a simple lunch out to celebrate the end of a quarter. Make a point to let everyone know when it’s someone’s birthday, or when their work anniversary is.  Take time to cut loose and have the entire team step back to appreciate each other’s hard work, which is a very important and positive team-building activity.

Pro tip: Embrace shout-outs, and give them often. Make videos of them, play them in front of everyone, and laugh about them. Showcasing it a public forum, like a meeting or a retreat, will give the entire team some perspective on how much they do for and mean to each other. It feels good to be recognized, even for the little things, and your employees will appreciate it as much as ours do. This makes company-wide accomplishments, like being awarded four Top Company Culture Awards, all the more special.


Everyone loves a good challenge, and we are certainly no exception. Whether it be an internal fitness challenge, like who can hold the longest wall-sit, or interactive games like escape rooms or scavenger hunts, light-hearted competitions provide a fun release for employees while still pushing comfort zones.

Pro tip: Want to go even further? Try a pitch competition for potential partnerships your company is considering. Split your company into small teams, give them three hours to devise a business plan, and have them pitch it. See the ideas your teams come up with, and allow your staff an opportunity to collaborate with folks they normally don’t get to work with day-to-day.

We’re lucky enough to have been nationally recognized for our corporate culture, and it’s something we’re very proud of. With these tips and tricks, your company kind find ways to grow and connect as coworkers, peers, and, ultimately, friends too!


Andre Ortega is Chief of Staff for Enterprise Health at Peerfit. After earning a B.S. in Applied Physiology and Kinesiology, Fitness and Wellness from the University of Florida, Andre began his career as a Wellness Director in the Tampa Bay area. He can frequently be found doing inversions at Bella Prana Yoga & Meditation and sweating profusely at Viking Fitness bootcamps.

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