Although many impacts from the pandemic persisted, 2021 brought a renewed energy to the entire fitness industry. While digital offerings continued to thrive in our ‘new normal’, droves of solitude-stricken individuals also began returning to their gyms for in-person workouts. After a year of great uncertainty, a roaring recovery finally began to ensue. At Peerfit, we are proud to offer our users a variety of options in their fitness journeys that provide solutions for all. 

A Year to Celebrate!

2021 was a big year for us at Peerfit. For the first time ever, we ranked in the top 3% on the prestigious Inc. 5000 list. New key partnerships were made with notable fitness giants like YMCA and Body & Brain, bolstering the expansion of our fitness network by 18%. Move88growthOur reach moved towards exponential growth last year, thanks to a massive 88% increase in our Peerfit Move members and a nearly 9% increase of eligible members across all of our products. And to top it off, we experienced an impressive 130.7% increase in our total active users. We truly have so much to be grateful for as we reflect on our accomplishments over the past year!

Below we’ve shared some insights that we gathered in 2021 and our excitement for what the future holds. Read on!

Peerfit is a Good Fit Across All Industries

sleepmentalenergyLRExercise has a positive correlation with every pillar of wellness, no matter one’s occupation. And when a wellness program includes exercise as a benefit, it has the ability to create a healthier and happier workforce in every industry! Last year, our users said Peerfit helped them improve their sleep, their mental health and increased their energy levels. 

Wellness programs consistently result in a positive ROI, which is why 80% of today’s companies with over 1,000 employees have provided this benefit to their employees. When a program is well implemented, it has been known to lead to a 25% savings in health care costs, absenteeism and workers compensation claims. Intervention programs can yield up to $6 in health care savings for every dollar invested. Need more evidence? We didn’t think so.  

Keeping the 'Peer' in Peerfit

Peerfit’s mission is to empower individuals to live healthy and active lifestyles by making wellness accessible and enjoyable through the power of choice and community-driven motivation. In short, there’s nothing we love more than seeing friends and co-workers getting their sweat on together. 

relationshipsWhen it comes to building community, exercise is remarkably effective. It naturally primes us to connect with others and expands our capacity for joy. And when exercise becomes part of a company culture, camaraderie develops naturally. Why is this important? Studies have shown that finding a sense of community at work makes employees seven times more likely to be engaged in their jobs. Peerfit creates an opportunity to harness positive peer pressure that results in a healthier corporate culture.

Keeping the core of our mission in mind, we were ecstatic to learn the following. Thanks to our platform, last year 42% of Peerfitters say existing relationships with friends and co-workers were enhanced and 42% created new friendships. Job well done? We’d say so.

Since 2017, we’ve been determined to redefine corporate wellness and make flexible fitness solutions accessible to as many lives as possible. We’ve never been more confident in our mission and we believe 2022 will take us farther than ever before. 

Happy peerfitting!


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